There’s never been a better time to be in the storage industry than right now. The unprecedented level of innovation and introduction of new storage platforms indicate a seismic change is on the horizon for datacenters globally.

Pure Storage is widely recognized as a leader in this era of new storage architectures. With the FlashArray and purity Operating Environment we’ve designed an all-flash array from scratch with capabilities that derive from elements unique to flash and are simply unavailable with disk. We are delivering a storage platform for real-world conditions, be they operational or economical.

Providing an all-flash array at the price of disk is a part of what makes us unique; however, there’s a significant amount of engineering investment that isn’t appropriately represented in that statement. Much of our intellectual property is uncommon to legacy array and many all-flash startup architectures.

For this reason I’m introducing ‘Pure Storage 101’ – a technical series designed to introduce you to a number of the capabilities and underlying architectural details of the FlashArray and Purity Operating Environment. In addition to sharing I will attempt to address some of the common questions from customers, partners and prospects.

Posts in this Series Include:

Adaptive Data Reduction
Ensuring 100% Performance
The Benefits of NVRAM
Scale-up or Scale-out?
Adaptive RAID-HA
Understanding Flash Capacity
Raising Flash Endurance

Flash is much more than a faster form of storage medium; it is the enabler for a truly transformative storage platform. By the end of this series, I hope you will share this perspective. Flash increases end user productivity, reduces data center resource requirements and brings a form of infrastructure resiliency currently only available with compute and networking.

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