Earlier this year VMware announced the release of Horizon 6, the new software suite that includes VMware View. Since that time I’ve been doing a number of webinars for VMware and Pure customers that explain Horizon View and the benefits that Pure provides in virtual server and virtual desktop environments.

Check out my webinar with Sachin Sharma of VMware discussing Horizon 6 on Pure

The immediate benefits of Pure Storage for VDI are clear and easy to understand: all-flash storage removes the biggest performance bottleneck in VDI systems. Users actually love VDI desktops when the experience is consistent and high-performing. Pure delivers the storage that makes great VDI possible.

Of course, there are now lots of vendors beyond Pure that promise great VDI performance. Some of them (definitely not all!) can actually deliver that performance today.

But speed isn’t all you need for VDI. You also need reliability, scalability, and a reasonable price point. To date, only Pure really delivers on all these features while providing the excellent experience that comes from all-flash arrays.

If you want to learn more, definitely visit Pure’s webinar page and sign up for one of my upcoming sessions.