I am happy to announce the return of the vSphere Storage Best Practices technical breakout session in an all-new and improved format. This is the brain child Cody Hosterman, Pure’s Sr. VMware Reference Architect. If you’ve ever had the privilege to see Cody present, then you know he an expert’s expert. I must admit, I’m humbled by the opportunity to join him on stage.

Similar to the sessions of VMworld’s past, the ‘Cody & Vaughn Show’ will present technical guidance and education in a vendor neutral context for those running or looking to run vSphere on data reducing all-flash array storage.

— No sales pitches or vendor plugs —
— All technical guidance that you can plug directly into your environment —

We have some strong guidance when running vSphere on a all-flash array versus a disk or hybrid storage system. For example…

  • Which virtual disk format is recommended for an AFA and why this differs from disk arrays?
  • Should queue depths be increased or decreased with an AFA?
  • How to enable in-VM UNMAP and how much capacity will doing so return?

In addition to the information we present session attendees should expect to see storage vendor experts in the audience. Using history as a guide, our friends from across the industry are known to offer additional data points and often make themselves available following the session. Join us, I think you’ll find the time worthwhile.

You can find the ‘Cody & Vaughn Show’ in the VMworld Content Catalog

Best Practices for All-Flash Data Reduction Arrays with VMware vSphere (INF9455-SPO)
Speakers: Cody Hosterman and Vaughn Stewart
Date/Location/Time: Monday, August 29 – 2:30 to 3:30pm – Islander B
As All-Flash Data Reduction arrays are becoming common place in VMware environments due to their performance, flexibility and ease-of-use, it is important to understand how to best implement and manage them with ESXi. Data-reduction and flash changes how an administrator should think about various configuration options within VMware and those will be discussed in detail. VAAI, Space Reclamation, virtual disks, SIOC, SDRS, Queue depths, Multipathing and other points will be highlighted.

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I’ll see you at VMworld!