This week I’m in Boston at OpenStack Summit talking with the increasingly large number of IT departments who are looking to open source approaches to building their clouds. This includes a bunch of large service providers, some telcos, and a surprising number of smaller players. Pure Storage is a Corporate Sponsor of the OpenStack Foundation (and has been since 2014) and I’ve been attending these summits since 2013 (Hong Kong). Things have really changed since that time out on Lantau island…

Screen Shot 2017-05-10 at 9.30.44 PM.png

The OpenStack community has evolved. It’s increasingly results-oriented, by which I mean business results, not technical results. This is a good thing. It means OpenStack users are increasingly looking for production results for production deployments. Also, it’s not just large companies that use OpenStack. Indeed, the April OpenStack users survey shows a nice mix of small and large companies:

OpenStack doesn’t exist alone, of course, and there’s increased interest in technologies like containers, IoT, and hybrid solutions.

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These charts are cribbed from the OpenStack user survey, by the way. If you want to read more of the user survey, which is very interesting, check it out here:

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If you believe the OpenStack community (and they’re pretty reliable on these things) the future is full of diverse architectures and is focused around multi-cloud strategies. I tend to agree. It’s not hard to think of a company that has a private cloud environment for production systems, a second private cloud for development resources, and a public cloud implementation to drive SaaS-like services to customers. I believe many more companies will adopt this multi-cloud approach going forward and that multi-cloud adoption rates will ramp up quickly.

One last thing — Congratulations to Paddy Power Betfair and UK Cloud – winners of the OpenStack Superuser Award at the Boston summit. I was struck by an architecture slide they shared for one of their newer deployments. See anything familiar down towards the bottom?


Small and Mighty! Check out the Paddy Power Betfair and UK Cloud Superuser win details at:

Oh, and if you haven’t seen what Pure Storage has to offer when it comes to OpenStack – including details of our contributions and sponsorship – check out