Steve CohenAlthough the FlashArray//m may seem magical, the //m is not for magic. We’re merely playing on the “magical” properties of the FlashArray and Pure1. While these revolutionary new storage offerings may “seem” magical, they are real. There are two videos that explore the notion of magical properties in the FlashArray//m and Pure1. Both of the videos appeal to the audience to recognize that they are not magic tricks – density, speed, and the absence of forklift upgrades can exist within a single product that also supports all the resilience features that tier 1 storage users require. And, managing storage from anywhere is actually possible.

It’s not a magic trick.

If you look inside the FlashArray//m you’ll discover that there are a few really simple ideas that inspired this architecture. They aren’t magical either, but when combined produce a category-breaker storage array. Largely, the over-riding mission to approach the business of storage for a better user experience motivated many aspects of the architecture.

  • Modular
  • Mini
  • Mighty
  • Meaningfully Simple

It is the combination of these capabilities into a single product that enables something almost magical… a different business model, a different support model, a different renewal model, that results in a faster, more strategic and responsive IT organization (which is amazing but not actually magic).

So, while “m” in FlashArray//m doesn’t stand for magic, we are bringing a little magic to the storage industry. We think everyone could use a little magic in their lives, so we’re running a special promotional contest for you and a friend to fly to New York City to see the amazing  “Millionaire’s Magician” Steve Cohen at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel. Your trip will include a one-night stay at the Waldorf Astoria, entry into the show, and your travel to New York.


Like the FlashArray//m, we hope this show will leave you filled with curiosity, wonder and excitement.




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