There is nothing more gratifying than seeing firsthand how flash is transforming our customers’ businesses, and sharing the stories of their journeys to become flash-powered enterprises.

One of my favorite flash transformation stories is actually one of the most mature FlashArray deployments in our installed base: our long-time customer, Sierra Nevada Brewing Company.

A pioneer of the craft brewing category, and a trailblazer in sustainable energy and business practices, Sierra Nevada has been a forward leaning innovator since its inception. They were among the first to join the flash storage revolution, embracing our recipe for all-flash storage at less than the cost of mechanical disk when their legacy storage systems’ performance began hampering business growth.

Today, business is booming: Sierra Nevada is the #2 craft brewery in the U.S. and is on its way to being a 100% flash powered enterprise. Less than three years into its production deployment, the company has eradicated storage latency and complexity, shrunk its data footprint and dramatically reduced its carbon emissions through diminished IT energy consumption. And with Pure’s Forever Flash program, they have avoided more than $200K in legacy hardware upgrades, so their FlashArrays are now practically paying for themselves in OpEx savings alone.

By making a strategic investment in a next-generation data infrastructure, Sierra Nevada’s IT team revitalized more than just the company’s data center – they reinvigorated its manufacturing production and business operations, while minimizing their environmental impact. Led by flash visionary Justin Ainsworth, Sierra Nevada’s infrastructure team is the definition of IT heroes.