Celebrating success is as core to Pure Storage culture as our signature orange color. Kicking off the year this week, shoulder-to-shoulder with nearly 200 partner Account Executives (AE) and Systems Engineers (SE), has been exhilarating. We are humbled and inspired by their collective intellect and commitment to disrupting the enterprise storage industry. Recognizing the top performing AE and SE teams within our partners was the highlight of the week and a richly deserved reward for our allies.

Why mimosas? Our partners deserve a festive celebration for their 2015 accomplishments, and what better (socially acceptable) way to start celebrating when the ceremony is at 8:00 a.m.? Yesterday morning, my colleagues at Pure Storage and I had the honor of recognizing our top performing partner sales leaders and handing out a cold, orange mimosa to each winner.

Pure Winners

For all global partner sales individuals who accomplish a specified sales target we not only award them with a monetary gift, but also bring them out to California to attend our sales kick off. On behalf of the Pure team, I’d like to congratulate:

  • Nate Hall and Nikola Bravo, Applied Computer Solutions (ACS)
  • Paul Clem and Brian Marsee, Computex
  • Sandesh Patel and Chris Brandt, Datalink
  • Kyung Chul Woo, eActive
  • Rui De Oliveira and Gerard Almon, Data Sciences

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Pure Storage Top Performer Awards

For our top performers based on partner-led bookings within each geography we congratulate the following partner Account Executives and Sales Engineers:

  • Rod Berg and Zach Gray, Integriv
  • Paul Lim and Dae Sung Kim, MAKUS
  • Hua Thanh Van, PSIV Technology
  • Karin Rüegg and Rolf Wild, Tradeware AG

We look forward to having them join us in Mexico for our Pure Performers Club!

Pure Storage Rolex Awards

Being at the center of disruption is not always easy. To reward our partners for bringing in net new customers, we have a special award for the top performer in each geography for most brought on. We congratulate:

  • Kevin Byron and Patrick Graham, Dimension Data (USA)
  • Ariel Tseng, Dawning
  • Remko Deenik and Sytse Heida, Novaccent

We are incredibly proud to be associated with these powerful market leaders and each of our outstanding partners around the globe. Cheers to them!