Hey all! A little late to post this, but I was waiting for my last two sessions to appear on the VMworld Content Catalog, which they just did. Really excited for my sessions this year, so hopefully you will agree! So let’s get to it.I have four sessions this year, all can be found here.

1). Best Practices for All-Flash Arrays with VMware vSphere [SER2355BU]

This was my only session to make it through the call for papers–this is a session I have done for a few years, so it was really cool to see it voted through this year instead of using one of our corporate slots. Once again, I am presenting alongside Vaughn Stewart to talk about best practices for All Flash Arrays with vSphere. I promise, this is not a Pure Storage sales pitch. Nor is it a competitive session. This is really about how introducing an AFA into an ESXi/vCenter environment means to you configurations/settings/considerations. What does having sub-ms latency mean to things like queuing, SDRS, SIOC etc? UNMAP of course. Data reduction impacts? Etc. I try to focus a lot on the why of settings, not just here is a number to set it to and move on. Understanding what a setting is, or how a feature works is more important than knowing what number it should be set to (in my opinion).

2). Find performance bottlenecks. Understanding ESXi Storage Queueing [ADV3368BUS]

This session is basically the PPT version of this blog post I wrote a few months back:

Understanding VMware ESXi Queuing and the FlashArray

I gave this session at a VMUG a month ago and go really good feedback so I figured I would give it a go at VMworld. Essentially we will go into the ESXi storage stack and understand the metrics, values and behaviors of the various storage queues inside of ESXi and what it means for you. I touch a bit on this in the previous session, but this session is focused on this. I will go through a use case as well. This one I will be doing myself.

3). vSphere Virtual Volumes made easy with Pure Storage [PBO3367BUS]

This is the closest to a sales pitch that I will be doing. But I really intend this to be for even users that are not currently (or even plan to be) Pure Storage customers. I truly intend this to be a learning session around VVols–in many ways this is more of a pitch for VVols than really even directly Pure. But it will be a technical session, anything less would bore me. I will be presenting alongside Pete Flecha from VMware. Him and I presented at Accelerate (Pure’s conference) on VVols and I had a great time. We are taking the show to VMworld!

We will overview what VVols are. What we have done with VVols at Pure Storage. Performance information about VVols. Use cases. Etc.

4). A Deep Dive into vSphere 6.5 Core Storage Features and Functionality [SER1143BU]

This is not a Pure session in any way, this is VMware’s session. I have the honor of being asked to present alongside Cormac Hogan (we wrote the latest What’s New in Core Storage white paper together). Will be my first time presenting with him, so I am very excited! Thank you Cormac for inviting me to present! We will be going over the new storage features in vSphere 6.5, and doing some demos. Maybe some newer stuff too…I’ve said too much 🙂

For some more recommendations, check out Duncans post and Cormacs post on VMworld with some great session ideas: