Today, Pure announced its NVMe-Ready Guarantee. You can read more here, but the basic overview is this: NVMe is coming, soon. It’s poised to unlock the next generation of performance and density gains for organizations deploying an all-flash environment. And, if you’re a Pure Storage customer, you’re already future-proofed for the transition.

Seven years ago, when we founded Pure, it was our goal to bring flash – what others viewed as a niche, expensive, high-performance technology for specific use cases – to everyone. We saw an all-flash future, and bet big, which gave us a big advantage over legacy storage incumbents – products and business models purpose-built for flash, from the ground up.

So when we built FlashArray//M, we made sure to not only take full advantage of flash as a media, but to engineer compatibility for future technologies right into the product. Every FlashArray//M sold is engineered for SAS and NVMe protocols, which means for Pure customers, the //M they already own is completely upgradable to the NVMe future.

Today, legacy disk vendors are finally on board the all-flash train. To play catch up with purpose-built AFAs, most legacy vendors adopted a retrofit strategy – which you can read more about here and here. Unfortunately for customers, retrofit arrays aren’t designed for NVMe – or any new, flash-native innovations – which means another expensive refresh cycle and painful forklift upgrade is on the horizon for anyone investing in a retrofit array today.

We are beyond excited to be able to offer an NVMe-Ready Guarantee to our customers, because it means they’ll be among the first to benefit from NVMe, non-disruptively, as a natural extension and evolution of our one-of-a-kind Evergreen Storage program.

For a deep dive on NVMe, why it’s going to be a game-changer and how FlashArray//M was designed for it from the start, visit us again on December 6 for “Outside the Box” Episode 2. Or, see the first episode here.

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