At Pure, we are laser focused on not only providing the best customer experience on the planet, as proven with our audited 83+ NPS score, but we’re also maniacal about creating the best partner experience in the industry.

We never put our programs ahead of our innovation. With that said, we know that continual enhancements and evolution of P3 is essential to our winning relationships within our ecosystem. With that backdrop, we are adding a number of benefits to our P3 solution provider program and also introducing a new category for Service Providers.

For all P3 partners, we now offer beta testing to provide early hands-on access to upcoming products, solutions and features. Our partners are leading the way into new workloads and use cases for Pure’s portfolio and the related feedback is incredibly valuable as we continue on the path of developing the most innovative technology for the cloud era.

And especially as we head into today’s 2017 Global Partner Forum and our user conference, Pure//Accelerate 2017, we’re thrilled to welcome <in programmatic terms> Service Providers to P3. Pure has a rich history of successful partnerships with Service Providers globally, including a number who also have hosting practices. As we worked together we were inspired to design a program that will allow Service Providers to offer their customers the ability to consume Pure as part of a managed or cloud deployment.

The Service Provider program offers three levels of participation based on revenue and certification commitments, as well as a myriad of benefits that include volume discounts and dual compensation modeling. By more closely partnering with Service Providers to easily offer hosted solutions and/or bundled services, we’re ultimately providing our customers with increased value via broadened consumption options.

For all P3 partners, Pure is extending our range of enablement tools to help drive success in the market; including training, demo gear discounts and deal registration. The program also offers a variety of sales and marketing resources, including access to MDF funds, a self-service marketing platform called Pure Demand, and the Pure On The Go app, which allows partners to easily access sales resources, and the ability to configure, price and quote…all from their mobile devices.

We cannot wait to host more than 800 individuals from over 200 partners at the Global Partner Forum and Pure//Accelerate this week! The juxtaposition of Pure’s platform for the cloud era against the backdrop of a ship building factory built in the 1880’s is virtually unreal. Be sure to check out our payload of announcements starting on Tuesday and in the event that you are not joining us here, please sign up for the live stream. Reserve your space here:

For more information about the new Service Provider program, please reach out to your Pure Account Executive or