Yesterday Pure Storage announced a new customer success story: Riverview Hospital in Indiana.  It is a great story all-around: a customer who purchased a modern tiered disk/flash storage array just last year, loaded it with a ton of flash, and yet still ran into deep storage performance challenges.  You simply can’t rely on flash caching for predictable application performance.  In this case the workload is a core electronic medical records  (EMR) management application that the productivity of an entire network of 20 hospitals and medical facilities depends upon.

But the point of this post is a different one altogether.  In addition to saving the performance of their core EMR database, Riverview experienced a side-benefit of moving to Pure Storage that we are seeing to be common in our user base.  They were able to consolidate their core application environment and their VDI environment into one array, saving a ton of money in their VDI infrastructure by not having to dedicated a separate, stand-alone array to VDI.


What you say?!??!!!??  Running production databases and VDI on the same array?  That’s heresy!!!!

Indeed, in traditional disk storage it is, but many Pure Storage customers are committing such heresy on a daily basis, and loving it.  Let’s look at another customer, the City of Davenport, Iowa (you can read their case study here).  Davenport called Pure Storage when their VDI deployment on traditional disk storage went awry, and end-users were suffering unusable performance (particularly critical in this deployment since the VDI environment runs the heart of the operations of the city, including the Police and Fire department).  They moved to a Pure Storage FlashArray and experienced an immediate turn-around of the performance of the VDI infrastructure.  But as they got more and more comfortable with the FlashArray, they experienced a great side-benefit: they began migrating their core business applications to the array as well (SQL databases, Exchange, etc.).  The result is that they were able to consolidate nearly the entire city’s operations onto a single array, with performance room to spare and have since grown their Pure Storage deployment.


Why Does it Matter?  Solving VDI Cost & Performance

Traditional disk architectures have VDI admins stuck in a catch-22 between cost and performance: VDI is already expensive, and the biggest infrastructure cost within it is typically storage.  They need to dedicate an array to VDI to get even mediocre performance, and often load it up with fast 15K disks and as much flash cache as they can.  The result is an architecture that both struggles to perform and struggles to be economic, and storage is the root of both the performance and economic issues.

Pure Storage enables VDI admins to break out of the storage catch-22:

  • The FlashArray starts with all-flash performance that delivers the best VDI end-user experience possible
  • The integrated data reduction (dedupe and compression) enables all-flash storage to actually cost less than disk for VDI (typically <$100/desktop)
  • Users can share the array with other workloads to further reduce cost and amortize spend across multiple projects

So that’s why we call Pure Storage The Ultimate Storage for VDI.  Come see why more and more customers like Riverview Hospital and the City of Davenport are choosing Pure Storage for VDI, and please, don’t dedicate your array to VDI!