On the heels of my post about transitioning to use PowerShell Remoting I have made the Pure Storage PowerShell SDK and Toolkit available via the https://powershellgallery.com. No more installers and easy to install without any GUI for Windows Server Core.

To get started visit https://powershellgallery.com and download and install the latest PowerShellGet module. This will allow you to find and install the different modules that are available via PowerShell Gallery.

After you have installed PowerShellGet open a Windows PowerShell or PowerShell ISE session with Run as Administrator. Running as an administrator is required because you will be installing new modules to the system.

Next, run Find-Module -Name PureStorage* to locate the PureStoragePowerShellSDK and PureStoragePowerShellToolkit. When you run Find-Module for the first time it will prompt you to install the NuGet Provider, hit enter to accept and install. The Find-Module will then complete showing the two Pure Storage modules.

To install the PowerShell SDK and Toolkit modules the Install-Module cmdlet from PowerShellGet is used. An important thing to note is the PowerShell Gallery shows as an Untrusted repository. This can be changed using the Set-PSRepository cmdlet.

Now both of the modules are installed and can be imported for use. The new modules are installed in C:Program FilesWindowsPowerShellModules folder.