On to Austin! 

This has been a fun week for us as we get ready for Accelerate. It wasn’t so long ago that we had to make videos with monkeys and rent orange Lamborghinis to get noticed. Those start-up days were a ton of fun, and we still have the same passion for changing the industry today. 

With the IDC market share numbers continuing to remind our competitors that we’re the undisputed leader in terms of growth (a.k.a. the best proxy for innovation), and every legacy vendors’ earnings underscoring that fact, competitors have been running scared—writing questionable blog posts and rushing product announcements to try and get a little bit ahead of our coming news. 

It is flattering to getting so much attention from around the industry, but Accelerate gives us a chance to give all our attention to the customers, prospects, and partners who put their trust Pure, thank them for their support, and share our vision for what comes next.

While the legacy players all have one angle or another on how they compete, they all miss one critical point—a laser focus on customers that allows us to lead in both product AND business model innovation. The Evergreen™ revolution we started several years ago means that customers no longer have to put up with forklift upgrades, planned obsolescence, or millions of dollars of wasted maintenance fees on end-of-life legacy products. 

Pure customers get a subscription to innovation. And we keep filling the pipeline with new technology and capabilities that our customers can actually use—easily. As we head into our second decade, we’ll continue to pour energy into bringing innovation to the market on top of the Evergreen™ way of thinking and acting. In addition, we have a lot of news to talk about this week in Austin. 

For those of you who are planning to join us, we have a great event planned. If you can’t be there, stay tuned to our Accelerate page, our blog, and social channels to get all the updates.