Pure Storage attained “High Comfort” status earlier this year (read more about it here). The Storage Products And Technology Status (SPATS) guide summarizes Epic’s advice, experience and prevalence of storage vendors in the form of a rating system for Comfort and Commonality. Epic’s goal is to keep its customers secure with high-performance and high-availability systems that ensure a good experience throughout the lifecycle of storage array.

In case you need a brief refresher on “Comfort” — this is Epic’s equivalent of the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval. There is a range of comfort statuses, ranging from No Comfort to High Comfort, and you can read more about the exact definition of each in your Epic SPATS guide. Specifically, High Comfort status means there are little to no known risks to implementing a vendor’s solution and said vendor does a good job of supporting an Epic client. It is no easy task to obtain the rating, nor is it a quick process. It requires the vendor’s dedication, patience and time, which requires several years demonstrating a track record of success.

Why is the Common status so important? Two words – risk reduction. As we all know, healthcare organizations want to work with technology that is established and trusted and for very good reasons. Lives and jobs depend on proven, battle-hardened solutions that pose little-to-no risk so with that in mind, healthcare IT departments want to definitively know a vendor’s prevalence and experience with Epic’s customer base. For this reason, Epic closely tracks those statistics which are expressed in a range of None, Uncommon, Common and Very Common. As you can guess, Pure recently attained the “Very Common” status, which means at least 15 percent of Epic’s clients run on Pure and a number of those are within the top 10 largest customers with even more in the top 20.  

Attaining Very Common status is proof of our momentum with Epic. We started our journey more than three years ago with three Epic installations and have now amassed more than 90 clients.

We are also providing value by taking the cost and complexity out of the storage stack and providing a superior ownership experience in the process. If you are evaluating storage vendors for your Epic environment drop me a note at frankc@purestorage.com to learn more about my team, our Epic practice and Pure!