value (n): The regard that something is held to deserve; the importance, worth, or usefulness of something.

Value in Retail

As consumers, we are always in search of the greatest value in the goods and services we consume. When Amazon acquired Whole Foods, one of the goals of integration was to draw in new customers by lowering prices on key food staples. As a result, Whole Foods’ Everyday 365 brand has risen to become the #2 best private selling brand on Amazon, right behind Amazon’s own AmazonBasics.  The net-net is a win for the consumer and increased market share for Amazon in a highly competitive and growing segment.

Data Storage Industry Implications

The data storage industry is similarly competitive. The era of big data and analytics is upon us, and by some estimates 90% of the world’s data has been created in just the past 2 years. Businesses are searching for new ways to handle vast quantities of data. They are incorporating tools to manage, secure, and analyze data to develop insight and create compelling product and services. Although various cloud services are springing up, traditional enterprise applications need to undergo modernization as they are still the lifeblood of daily business activities.  Pure Storage focuses heavily on aiding customers with solutions to the challenges posed by enterprise applications.  One of the key focus areas is SAP, a suite of applications run by over 378,000 customer in 180 countries. Pure has made investments to enhance SAP customer experiences with array-specific SAP optimizations and certifications.  Customers can deploy and operate SAP faster and easier with Pure compared to other flash array products

Business Value of SAP on Pure Storage

IDC recently surveyed a number of Pure Storage customers to learn about the outcomes of adopting Pure All-Flash Arrays for their SAP environments. The results revealed outstanding business value. The highlights include a 472% three-year ROI (not a typo) and a 65% reduction in staff required to manage and support Pure products compared to the previous storage used.  In addition, customers interviewed revealed that Pure enabled them to deploy 75% faster while delivering nearly an average of $200K savings in hardware costs.  Most importantly, all customers surveyed reported experiencing zero planned downtime, probably the most valuable statistic of all for today’s always-on enterprises.

If you run SAP and are looking to derive more value from the data that lives in your SAP environment, check out the report to learn more.