Flash Memory Summit is one of Pure’s favorite shows. It takes place in Santa Clara, right in Pure’s backyard, and holds a special place in our (orange) hearts, because we came on to the scene at roughly the same time the show started. When all-flash was considered a niche, consumer-focused technology, Pure and Flash Memory Summit were out banging the enterprise drum together. Today, flash has proliferated into just about every data center in the world and is accepted as the new standard for the enterprise.

As usual, Pure was in the midst of the action this year. Three execs participated in four sessions at Flash Memory Summit, with Brian Schwarz, Chadd Kenney and Jason Nadeau representing the orange. The three covered a wide range of topics and queries, touching on the emerging wants and needs of the all-flash market, marketing strategies and customer challenges, NVMe in the mainstream, cloud integration, and the potential opportunities artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) have in store for business.

In addition to participating in the sessions, Pure was also recognized by ITBrandPulse, taking home several esteemed awards. Pure was honored as an Innovation Leader, Market Leader, Performance Leader, and Reliability leader in multiple categories including: All NVMe Flash, All Flash FC Arrays and Ageless Storage (blog).

These awards are unique — the winners are selected by hundreds of IT professionals all over the world rather than by a panel of industry-experts. At Pure, we are committed to helping our customers build a better world with data, and these acknowledgements from expert peers reaffirm that we are headed in the right direction.

Flash Memory Summit has always been a great opportunity to see all the familiar faces we saw on our way to becoming a $1B company, reconnect with old friends and hear what the folks who have been all-flash the longest have to say about its future. Brian, Chadd and Jason brought great energy to the event and displayed our orange pride.

To learn more about our award-winning solutions, visit our blog and product pages: All Flash ArraysAgeless (Evergreen) StorageAll-Flash NVMe-oF Storage.