In March, Pure Storage held a fantastically successful and disruptive event called Pure//Accelerate in San Francisco, where technology and business leaders, influencers and innovators gathered to talk about pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with flash storage.

If you missed the event, don’t worry, because we’re now bringing Pure//Accelerate to you. We’re proud to be presenting “Pure Live” in 40 cities across six continents, including visits to 10 U.S. cities and eight events in the EMEA region:


  • Dallas, TX – June 9
  • Atlanta, GA – June 9
  • Minneapolis, MN – June 14
  • Denver, CO – June 15
  • Los Angeles, CA – June 16
  • Washington, D.C. – June 21
  • San Diego, CA – June 22
  • Cincinnati, OH – June 22
  • Seattle, WA – June 23
  • New York, NY – June 23


  • Utrecht, Amsterdam – 21 June
  • Johannesburg, South Africa – 21 June
  • London, UK – 22 June
  • Cape Town, South Africa – 23 June
  • Munich, Germany – 28th June
  • Zurich, Switzerland – 30 June
  • Paris, France – 5 July
  • Madrid, Spain – 6 July
  • Milan, Italy – 7 July


In addition to keynotes from hand-picked Pure Storage executives, attendees will have the opportunity to take part in informative discussion panels with industry-leading Pure partners and customers.

Attendees will also see the 2016 product line-up we showed off at Pure//Accelerate, with a demo of our FlashArray//m, as well as more information on the FlashArray//m10, Flashstack Mini and new FlashBlade expandable storage platform.

If you’re part of one of the many organizations already interested in the magic of flash storage, or simply curious to learn more, sign up and join us! Don’t miss this opportunity to accelerate your possible by making your organization stronger, faster and simpler.

For more information about Pure Live, visit the event page and register.