Ireland, and Dublin in particular, has established itself as a global technology hub for companies like Google, Facebook and Twitter. It’s the heart of ICT in Europe, with the Irish government estimating that large foreign technology firms employ around 60,000 people in the city.

This movement is still happening, with both tech behemoths and agile start-ups starting or continuing their operations in Ireland. Companies like Uber and IBM have announced new hiring or facilities over the last year, while HubSpot recently said it would create 320 jobs in Dublin over the next three years.

Pure Storage is joining Ireland’s EMEA technology revolution. Here’s why.

So we’re delighted that Pure Storage will be the next globally-focused firm to have a base in the Emerald Isle. It’s a very important time for our business. We’re an all-flash storage vendor that has made considerable strides in a short space of time, driving business and IT transformation for happy customers in a range of sizes and industries, across the world.

In 2015, Pure Storage successfully floated on the stock market, and in March of this year we held our first inaugural user conference in San Francisco. We announced industry-leading technology in FlashBlade there, an all-flash storage platform designed to make better use of unstructured data. In the US and abroad, we’ve seen myriad success stories of companies using FlashArray to accelerate applications.

Growing a successful EMEA business in Europe.

We’re focused on offering the best service possible to our customers globally, which is why opening a new support center in Dublin is so important to us. It’s the first major support center outside the US for Pure, and is designed to provide deep technical expertise in the EMEA region as well as multi-language support.

It’s a move which will allow Pure to provide greater support for customers in countries like France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and the UAE. A great reputation for service is something which differentiates Pure Storage from its competition – we have focused considerable resources and investment in hiring 18 full-time support team members that cover 13 languages, which we hope to double by the end of this year.

To help support the economy in our new home, we’ve purposely chosen to hire local talent, and we will continue efforts to bolster the country’s reputation as a European tech hub.