I recently joined Pure Storage as VP of Global Channels and Alliances. With 20 years of experience in building winning partnerships, I am thrilled to join the Pure team in this new role. Below are the reasons why I chose Pure, the answers to a few questions I think partners are curious about and a peek at what’s ahead for Pure’s continued commitment to the channel.

Why am I excited about joining Pure Storage?

Just about everything at Pure excites me. At the core, the rate and pace of change in the data center as flash over takes disk provides an incredible amount of excitement. As someone who is passionate about channels and alliances, Pure has the opportunity to build the preeminent channel program in the industry that delivers tremendous value to partners and customers.

What I would like to achieve in the new role as Vice President of Global Channels and Alliances

The focus will be on extending Pure’s velocity in the market with existing and new partners. We will be maniacal about ensuring that Pure remains attractive to channel partners and technology alliance partners, while developing an environment where all types of partners can confidently invest in Pure. Ultimately it’s important that we ensure partners trust Pure and are excited to bring us into the marketplace with them. We hope to accomplish some of this by establishing new global best practices and further developing strategic alliances that enable a partner’s success.

What I think is most important to partners

Every partner will have a slightly different set of priorities, however all are looking for a vendor they trust that delivers an excellent solution today, a vision and roadmap for the future, and world class global support. They are also looking for a partner that will help them unlock value for their customer and provide long-term viable and predictable business opportunity.

It is important to be a channel-focused company

The rate of flash adoption continues to exceed all industry expectations, and the best way to reach the market and the needs of our customers is by engaging smart and insightful local and global partners to deliver the successful outcomes that customers demand. Pure Storage is 100 percent channel by design, and it’s exciting to join a company that has readily invested in the channel – including new initiatives announced today such as the Pure Customer and Partner Success Organization.

What is most important to partners when considering implementing flash storage?

One of the most important considerations is total cost of ownership (TCO) – partners have an obligation and responsibility to put forward solutions that deliver top and bottom line value for their customers. We are giving our partners all of the tools they need to solve problems in the data center and make strategic moves ‘up the stack’.

Pure is enhancing its channel program in 2015

As part of our growth, Pure recognizes there are different types of partners and markets. One enhancement we’re laser focused on is creating an environment for all partners to succeed in the context of their market opportunity, so a partner in London will have a different target than a partner in Kuala Lumpur.

Here is what we want prospective and current Pure partners to know

Current partners need to know how incredibly proud we are of the business we are building with them and that we have a huge amount of respect and admiration for the courage they demonstrate every day by aligning with us and challenging legacy vendors while delivering new, unprecedented value to their customers.

Prospective partners should email me so I can explain why I chose Pure and possibly help them to introduce a new color into their customers’ data center!