The long awaited update for the PowerShell Toolkit is now available. I track issues and/or suggestions via GitHub. I have implemented about 95%+ of the current REST APIs available in Purity 4.0. All of my development was done using Windows 8, Windows Server 2012 R2, PowerShell 5.0 (Preview November 2014) and SAPIEN PowerShell Studio.

Top 5 items for this release are:

  1. Includes 152 cmdlets that cover all areas of the REST API.
  2. Module updated to PureStoragePowerShell for easy importing, no more of that “.” non-sense.
  3. Tested with Windows Management Framework 5.0, and 4.0 and 3.0.
  4. Simple Windows Installer
  5. Full Get-Help support, all cmdlets are documented!

I’ll be posting new sample scripts and videos on over the coming days/weeks. Some of the samples I’ll be posting cover creating protection groups, setting up replication, setting up directory services, and more.

REST API Areas Covered

  • Authentication
  • Volume Shadow Copy
  • Array
  • Volumes & Snapshots
  • Hosts
  • Host Groups
  • Protection Groups
  • Connection Ports
  • Alerts & Messages
  • SNMP Manager
  • SSL
  • Network Interface
  • Hardware
  • Users

New Windows Installer

Easy installation and updates, no more manually copying to Modules directory. Download the installer from the GitHub repository. If you want to use this in your My Documents WindowsPowerShell/Modules you will need to manually copy to that separate location.


Windows PowerShell ISE Commands Add-on

Use the Windows PowerShell ISE to set all the parameters for the individual cmdlets. The below example shows the various parameters for the New-PfaProtectionGroup cmdlet.


Full Support for Get-Help

Need help figuring out how to use a cmdlet? Well look no further than the way you get all the help in Windows PowerShell; Get-Help! Example below is for the New-PfaProtectionGroup cmdlet.


Pure Storage PowerShell Toolkit Cmdlet List

Below is the full list of cmdlets available in the toolkit.

Download PureStoragePowerShellToolkitPureStoragePowerShell_2_0_0_0.msi

Thanks and enjoy!