Oracle Open World 2013 was an absolute blast. Puritans were out in full force and in all orange!

Tons of interest from attendees to optimize their Oracle workloads with Pure Storage. While Pure is a rockstar for virtualization environments, the consistent latency, massive performance, and cost effectiveness of Pure significantly optimizes Oracle workloads. Every day we are making customers more competitive, faster to market, and increasing revenue to their business. All at the price of spinning disk…..

Why Pure Storage for Oracle?
As you know, traditional disk storage solutions cannot keep up with your Oracle applications anymore. Hybrid solutions (disk+flash) are a little better, but at the end of the day only an incremental improvement. Your user community needs all flash to deal with the highly transactional workloads Oracle generates.

Why is disk so challenged?
Typical IO sizes for Oracle range from 4KB/8KB/16KB (OLTP) and 64KB for (DSS). Most often the issue is seen in OLTP workloads where we typically see 8KB IO sizes. Small block highly transactional workloads strain the abilities of traditional disk architectures. Highly transactional small block workloads = high seek times with disk = latency to your applications and user community = a bad user experience for your users and customers. Bad news. Why is Flash so awesome?! Flash on the other hand loves random small block access and is able to achieve super low latency results (<1ms latency) for all IOs. It activates tons of flash cells which gives you low latency response times….. Where disk is challenged, flash thrives.

But is it simple?
Definately……. completely forget about RAID groups, aggregates, storage architecture discussions, professinal services, IO alignment, or anything you are accustomed to with traditional storage. These are things of the past….. We have removed all the knobs, configurations, and complexities of storage, so you can forget about it. It just works! StorageSweetness. Check out the 5-minute demo showing off how truly easy Pure Storage is to implement:

But can I afford all flash?
While all of this is already amazing, we also incorporate inline deduplication, compression, pattern removal, thin provisioning, and even encryption all inline. The result is super cost effective solution, which saves you rack space, power, and cooling. Not to mention the CPU and licensing savings you get from utilizing our compression instead of the heavy CPU centric Oracle compression. All flash ….. for the cost of performance disk? Really?!?! WOW!

Serious no brainer for Oracle workloads…… A customer said to me today: “Thank you for allowing my team to forget about storage altogether. It is no longer the thorn in my side, but instead the ace in my back pocket.” Pure Storage gets you rockstar or superhero status day one. Check us out if you have not already.

If you are a not running Pure Storage for Oracle, dude, you are missing out!

Thank you to everyone that stopped by! Great seeing all of you at OOW13!

See you soon! -PureFlashGeek

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