Today Pure Storage and ClusterHQ announced the availability of the Pure Storage Flocker plugin, our latest foray into the exciting world of Open Source.

The Pure Storage Flocker plugin is available now to download from the Pure Storage OpenConnect GitHub repository and supports data planes over both iSCSI and fibre channel connections, using RestAPI commands for the management plane.

We all know containers are the coolest kids on the block, but they do have a small disadvantage in that they don’t really have a concept of persistent storage and even if you do make them use persistent storage, it is closely tied to your container host. Flocker allows you to use external persistent storage and move it between containers using Docker Swarm or other cluster management tools.

Flocker Block diagram

Using the Pure Storage Flocker plugin will allow users to leverage the inherent benefits of the Pure Storage FlashArray such as full data-at-rest encryption, snapshots and replication, together with its space saving data reduction technologies, to provide data persistence for your datasets in a clustered, containerized world.

Installation is simple and only requires two parameters to make it work; the IP address of your Pure Storage FlashArray management port and an API token for accessing the FlashArray. The plugin will automatically take care of host object creation on the FlashArray, including configuring the host iSCSI IQN or fibre channel WWNs.

Optional parameters allow you to disable automatic host management, support for iSCSI CHAP and HTTPS verification using CA certificates.

Pure Storage will be presenting a session on this new Flocker plugin at the ClusterHQ booth at dockercon16 on Monday 20th June, so please come along, ask questions and get more information on how an All-Flash storage array can help increase your performance and resilience in your container driven applications.