VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger officially launched VMworld sessions with this morning’s “Tech in the Age of Any” keynote. In addition to the requisite rundown of recent acquisitions and announcements, Gelsinger really focused on the responsibility of technologists.

“Technologies amplify human behavior—both the good and the bad. Technology is neither good, nor bad. It’s how we shape it.”

Pat Gelsinger, CEO, VMware

He asked the question: “What does it mean to shape technology as a force for good?” And followed up with his own answer: “As technologists, we need to participate in the shaping [of technology].”

VMware 2019 opening keynote

Click to watch the full keynote, including stories of jellyfish and interviews with execs from Gap and Freddie Mac.

And for more on today’s announcements, read VMware Showcases New Technology Offerings and Advances Tech for Good Initiatives at VMworld 2019

Vaughn Stewart on theCUBE

Pure Storage® Vice President for Technology Alliance Partners sat down for a live interview with TheCUBE this morning. The conversation covered a variety of topics, including VMware’s recent acquisition announcement around Pivotal.

When asked about Pure’s competitive differentiation, Vaughn talked about how Pure’s platforms are more intelligent, they’re more automated, and they operate at a greater scale than our competitors. Part of that difference starts at the very early evolution of the company. “Our founder John Colgrove understood the intersection between managing your storage array and managing your applications,” explained Vaughn.

Watch the full interview with Vaughn.

“I could just jump on the Pure array and provision the storage and then log into VMware and add that data store, and then create another VM. At most, it’s 15 minutes. Before, we’d be talking five or six hours.”

Daniel Dickerson, Systems Engineer, Choctaw Nation

One of the themes that keeps popping up in conversations with our technical experts is that working with Pure products is faster. It takes less time and effort to accomplish the same tasks on Pure products as compared to their competitive equivalents. Learn more in about how Choctaw Nation worked with Pure to improve its storage infrastructure performance and efficiency.

Kubernetes in the Enterprise

Kubernetes is a big topic with a lot of syllables. Also on stage today was Jon Owings, a principal solution architect at Pure, who took a full room through Kubernetes in the Enterprise [session KUB3415BUS].

“You’re here because your boss says, ‘Kubernetes and cloud, cloud and Kubernetes, go figure it out.’”

Jon talked about how Pure Service Orchestrator™ supports or augments the Pivotal Container Services (PKS) integration with VMware (now obviously more tied together than ever before with VMware’s Pivotal acquisition announcement). He goes into more detail in a recent blog post.

An end goal, he says, is pretty straightforward: “Deploy a container, have it come up, have storage. And if it fails—if someone kicks out a plug somewhere—the pod should start somewhere else and have the same data.”

One of the cool things that Jon did was to invite attendees to talk to him after the session if they had ideas or feature requests, closing with “We have a track record of delivering cool new things. And we’re working on a bunch more.”

Lessons Learned Today

I learned two additional important lessons in Jon’s session.

  • First, although sound techs have figured out how to set-up microphones for cowboy hats, they have a new challenge. Next up, the mic folks need to figure out a solution for speakers with full beards.
  • Second, a quote that will live with me for at least 24 hours: “There is no cool way to drink out of a box.” That wisdom delivered by none other than Jon Owings.

On Tap for VMworld Tuesday

I’m looking forward to Tuesday’s General Session at 9am, not only for the additional news and perspective from the VMware team but from their guests. Scheduled to appear are Olympian Lindsey Vonn and Pro Football Hall of Fame quarterback Steve Young. All tech all the time lacks a diversity of thought and ideas. I always appreciate it when companies bring in people outside the industry to share their perspectives.


5:30-6:30p SQL Server Workloads on VMware vSphere: Architecture Recommendations
Marsha Pierce, solutions architect at Pure joins a panel discussion to provide details and reference architectures for hosting different types of SQL Server workloads on VMware vSphere. Moscone West, Room 2016 (Session: BCA1543PU)

In “The Square”

The social media and community gurus have staked a territory outside the Solution Exchange. Two of our Pure team will be speaking there on Tuesday. From 1p to 1:15p catch Craig Waters presenting on NVMe for Beginners. And at 3:45, Alex Carver will decipher the alphabet soup of Converting MSCS with Physical RDMs to vVols.

Meanwhile, in Booth 527

Visit our demo stations to talk to the team or sit for a few to catch a session in the in-booth theater. There’s something for everyone on the Tuesday agenda. Here’s the rundown.

11:30a Kubernetes, Hybrid Cloud, and Even More Buzzwords Jon Owings, Pure Storage

12:00n vVols Replication and Recovery Workflows Alex Carver, Pure Storage

12:30 Hyper Available FlashStack™ VEEAM

1:30p Compelling Virtualized Solutions on Kubernetes with Pure Storage VMware

2:00p Delivering a Modern Windows 10 VDI Experience NVDIA

2:30p Using VMware Cloud Foundation with Pure Storage Kyle Grossmiller, Pure Storage

3:30p Accelerate AI Data Pipeline With FlashStack by Cisco and Pure Storage Cisco

4:30p vROPs and the Pure Storage Management Pack Jacob Hopkinson, Pure Storage

5:00 DirectFlash™ Fabric—NVMe for All Craig Waters, Pure Storage

Until tomorrow. Get tomorrow’s post right here on the blog or watch for live and random updates on my Twitter account @techsnarketer during the day. If you need more Pure to get you through the next few minutes, learn about the benefits of unifying your VMware private and public clouds.