After 4+ years of working tirelessly at re-inventing enterprise storage with flash memory, the team at Pure Storage decided it was time for a bigger challenge: re-inventing popular music. Much like disk storage, today’s pop music is weighed down by the slow response doldrums of the same old tired beats, recycled riffs that are just stuck in cache memory, and over-saturated bass desperately trying to cover the disk whine in the data center. We knew someone could do better.

What if we could re-think music completely? What if we could start with a fresh whiteboard, a mixer, and some engineers that are even more comfortable on a turntable than they are on a Dvorak? What if we could create music that was born digital, never tainted by spinning disk, and was sung by those with purity of voice, soul, and storage? What if our passion for purifying the datacenter could be channeled into rhythms and beats so powerful that they could incite a flash revolution? We didn’t know if we could do it, but we had to try. And so began….Puritone Records.

Puritone Logo

Today marks the next chapter in Pure Storage history with a new record label, and a first release from the Puritones: A Flash in the SAN. It’s available now for download on all your favorite music services (Free here, or paid on Amazon, iTunes, Google Play, emusic, Xbox, Spotify, and more). Looking to bump some SolidState? Do you Read and Write all Night? Are you ready to say ‘Timber’ to inefficient disk storage? Can you Flash it Like it’s Hot? If you find yourself answering “no” to any of these questions, click (don’t run) your way over to your favorite music site and download a new flash state of mind.

A Flash in the SAN

Flash’s relentless domination of your data center making you nostalgic for something that’s round and spins?

Don’t worry, Puritone Records has you covered. To commemorate our first release, we’re making available a limited set of real, fragile, round, and largely inefficient spinning media for those that just aren’t ready to make the jump to solid state. Click over here to register for your collectible vinyl version of A Flash in the SAN (quantities limited!):

If you have ideas for songs on our next album, feel free to hit us up with requests in the comments box below. We hope you enjoy our first release, and remember: Purify your mind, your soul, your data center, and your beats.

A special thanks to our Puritones: Craig “Big Chappy” Chapman (@VirtualChappy), Aaron “GrandMasterFlash” Skogsberg (@DweebiaK), Jon “Fla-for-Flash” Owings (@Jon_2vcps), and Joe “2Flash” Reynolds.