Privileged to be Here!

I am thrilled and honored to be joining Pure Storage today. This is an incredible team, with a wonderful mix of customers and partners, a ground-breaking technology and a huge market that is undergoing a massive shift from 20 year old spinning disk to 100% solid state flash…I view this as a true privilege and rare opportunity to be a small part of building something great!

Having had the benefit of working with several of the folks during our days at VERITAS and witnessing a similar shift from tape to disk, I have been following the company and the product evolution closely since Mike Speiser,  John “Coz” Colgrove and John Hayes pulled their vision together and set out on this incredible opportunity. Then Dietz joined and some of the very best engineering talent in the Valley followed. To then fast forward to what the team has been able to achieve in such a short period of time is inspiring, and to know that we’ve only just begun, is exhilarating!

Shared Values!

Perhaps the best part of what attracted me to Pure (beyond the super cool technology, compelling value proposition, wonderful people, killer culture and incredible market traction!) is the shared values across the leadership team, the employees and the Board of Directors. This is a group of people who are totally committed to driving excellence across our product, our operations, our partnerships and most of all in enabling our customer’s success. It is contagious.

Delivering Tangible Business Value!

As you read through several of our case studies, our customers range from traditional “early adopters” in high tech and web 2.0, to hospitals, manufacturers, retailers, state and local governments and Fortune 50 financial services companies, to name a few. The stories that they share with us are exciting…from a city government where we improved IT service delivery while lowering costs when we helped them turn around a VDI project, that ultimately led to completely replacing disk on their data center floor with our FlashArrays, to driving incremental revenue for a financial services company by enabling a complex, “big data” application to reduce cycle time from nearly 22 hours to only 2. Our array’s are delivering real business value.

We’re still learning the true power of what an ALL FlashArray can do for tier one, production storage applications and the company’s who deploy them…we do know it’s a perfect fit for VDI projects and database applications where performance and cost matter. We know that we can deliver incredible ROI for any IT organization who is rolling out VMware and looking to consolidate data centers, reduce infrastructure complexity and drive efficiency. We also are learning about the benefits for our environment and OPEX budgets, with the massive reduction in space, power and cooling that ALL FlashArrays deliver for those responsible for the Data Center, when compared to disk or hybrid boxes…but we’re only just beginning to understand the full breadth of tangible business value that this technological advancement will provide. I’m hoping to share some of these stories, use cases and best practices with you, as the market evolves in the months and years to come. Whether we’re lowering costs, driving revenue, delivering better IT and “Cloud” services or helping to save the planet, we want to hear, learn and share with our community.

It’s All About the Channel!

Another key message I wanted to share and what will be a hallmark of our go to market efforts, is that we are setting out to build the very best, most enthusiastic global channel the storage market has ever seen. I say this knowing that we have some very big shoes to fill, but I want our channel to understand how committed we are to them. I don’t want to steal too much thunder from the upcoming announcement for our updated Pure Partner Program (P3), but I will say that I am very excited about our plans to double down on our partner’s success in 2013 and beyond.

The P3 solution providers I have spoken with thus far are partnering and leading with Pure because they are looking for innovative technology solutions that provide their sales teams multiple customer entry points, generous expansion and services opportunities and a way to differentiate themselves from legacy storage resellers. In return for leading with Pure, our partners earn discount protection on registered opportunities, are rewarded with generous margins and are brought in to to work on new sales opportunities with the Pure sales evangelists in the marketplace today.

We recognize the value and importance channel partners play in the growth of OUR business and that, in order for us to be successful, we know we need to be a key driver in the growth of our PARTNER’s business.  We must enable our partners to deliver value added services to our joint customers; we know our customers often look to our partners as their trusted advisors to vet, test and implement innovative solutions and we recognize it is our job to help our partners achieve success in delivering these pre and post sales services. We also recognize that in order to get the global scale and reach that the market is looking for from Flash, we simply cannot go it alone. In 2013 you can expect to see additional channel field resources, more partner sales/marketing tools and even greater benefits to support our channel partners business.   This is a $15B market that is ripe for disruption and those partners who lead with us will be uniquely positioned to reap the rewards!

Can’t Wait to Meet You!

We look forward to seeing you all in the marketplace and welcome your thoughts and ideas. Together, we can change the storage landscape, one application, one use case, one customer, one partner at a time.