Chalk up another wild year for the greater Puritan nation. Nearly 500 great people joined us, more than doubling Pure’s staff and expanding our team and partner ecosystem to cover more than 25 countries around the globe. Our customer base grew faster still (more on that below). We also launched FlashStack – an all-solid-state converged infrastructure in combination with Cisco and VMware.

Earlier last year, we were forecasting that we could expand the business by 2.5 times (~160%). Instead we grew annual revenues by more than 4 times (>300%) from ’13 to ’14!
Key to our growth is that storage is a land and expand business. For every $1 in storage sold by Pure, that customer will on average spend another $1.20 with us in the next 12 months. Happy customers buy more, and Pure’s customer satisfaction as measured by NetPromoter Score (NPS) trends 40-50 points higher than those of legacy storage vendors.

Consistently differentiating from and winning against the competition is essential to sustaining growth. Given the rival we see most often is EMC XtremIO, it’s relevant to compare our success to theirs. (Gartner sees things similarly, placing Pure and EMC adjacent to one another in the upper right hand quadrant.) We are thrilled that, over the last year, we maintained our ~70% competitive win rate in proof-of-concept face-offs versus EMC. And in the cases we lose, we often win the technical evaluation but then lose to politics and creative deal-making: bundling, maintenance forgiveness and freebies. Clearly, it is in your interest as a customer to evaluate both solutions.

Achieving such growth at scale places Pure in a very select group. We benchmark ourselves against the fastest growing systems companies in tech history (by “systems” we mean firms that sell software/hardware appliances to end users). Pure has been outpacing the inflation adjusted growth of some bellwether growth companies, including NetApp and Data Domain in storage, Cisco, Arista and Riverbed in networking, and FireEye and Palo Alto Networks in security.

Pure has grown faster than all of them. To be sure, we still have lots of work ahead, but we are hugely gratified by the mainstream adoption of Pure Storage to date.

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