The move to Software as a Service (SaaS) continues apace. The top “cloud initiative” for many enterprises is not the movement or development of workloads on Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), but rather the appropriate selection, adoption, and integration of SaaS platforms. SaaS company creation, growth, and M&A are all “up and to the right.”

Pure Storage continues to enable this growth as a supplier of best-in-class infrastructure to 100’s of leading SaaS providers worldwide. In a recent SaaS Operations Panel discussion held at Pure//Accelerate, five of these providers gathered to weigh a timely topic: what is the optimal home for SaaS infrastructure, On-Prem or Cloud?

This choice has been at the center of recent headlines featuring well-known online companies like Dropbox, Snap, Zynga, Apple, Box, and others. Is infrastructure a competitive differentiator or a core competency best left to others? How significant are the cost differences, or are they a function of workload, growth, stage, and SLAs? What of compliance, security, and data sovereignty? Is hybrid infrastructure the answer? What is the best way to speed SaaS features and quality enhancements to market?

Operational and architectural experts from SaaS providers Cornerstone OnDemand, Cyara, DealerSocket, Inuit, and WorkForce shared their insights on these questions during this unscripted back-and-forth. Check it out!