A while back I blogged about SAP HANA Dynamic Tiering and why it is the only way how customers can start deploying SAP HANA efficiently with up to 75% cost savings, but remain SAP HANA-like performance.


Now we have great news, because the SAP HANA Dynamic Tiering white paper is now published with SAP, since Pure Storage and SAP worked and developed this solution jointly.

The joint SAP white paper is available on SAP’s web site.


With this white paper, Pure Storage and SAP demonstrate that SAP HANA is at a tipping point and crossing the chasm. Now our solution provides an affordable way to get the first SAP HANA projects going without losing the advantage of unprecedented performance.

I also would like to share some great news about SAP HANA SPS13, or how SAP calls it now SAP HANA 2 that makes SAP HANA Dynamic even more powerful.

If you need all details I suggest reading SAP’s blog about the new Service Pack.


In the past, SAP HANA Dynamic Tiering actually lacked the ‘Dynamic’ capability, since entire tables needed to be manually selected to be off loaded by SAP HANA onto the Pure storage array. Now with the new service pack it is possible to actually partition tables and put them partially in-memory and on the storage array. This will further enhance the dynamic capabilities. It is also planned that based on SAP HANA statistical values on the tables, SAP HANA can truly dynamically move the configured amount of data to the storage array.flashstack

Imagine, you can run SAP HANA now exactly the way it is needed, with the full advantages of performance, reduced license, software and service cost and the dynamic capabilities to further simplify SAP HANA. This will help customers on their way to SAP HANA, since they can start smaller, cost efficient SAP HANA projects and learn and discover the true value of running SAP and non-SAP workloads on SAP HANA.

Let SAP and Pure Storage help you with your SAP HANA deployment and make the transition from traditional SAP to SAP HANA a simple and cost efficient experience.