Performing a full system copy can be a time-consuming process for system administrators. They spend a considerable amount of time and effort preparing the software environment and going through complicated procedures to ensure that the backup process is carried out with minimum disruption to the business and in accordance with best practices. This white paper describes the speed and efficiency of performing a homogeneous system copy of an SAP ® ERP system using Pure Storage® FlashArray//m50 and Pure Storage FlashReduce with:

  • SAP enhancement package 7 (EHP7) for SAP ERP release 6.0
  • Separated stack system – ABAP® distributed with Java stack standard on the Oracle Database 11g
  • SUSE Linux Enterprise 11 Service Pack 3
  • Pure Storage snapshots and copy methods to move the source system data to the target system

Pure Storage snapshots are instantaneous, even with large data volumes. Therefore, the entire process of a system copy or database (DB) refresh is accelerated. This saves SAP Basis consultants a considerable amount of time so that they can immediately start working on follow-up activities and running the Logical System Name Conversion (BDLS) on the target system.

Here is the link to the white paper: