Terry Noonan recently joined Pure as VP Technology. With years of storage industry experience, Terry joins us most recently from EVault, where he was CTO, leading the R&D team. We’re thrilled Terry has joined the Puritan family. I caught up with Terry and asked him what led him to join Pure and what he was most looking forward to working on in his new role. A few snippets of our conversation follow:

What excites you about Pure Storage? Why did you decide to join the team?


What initially brought me to Pure were several folks that I had worked with in the past. They conveyed the unique opportunity of being part of the ‘all-flash’ disruption in the storage market. Their enthusiasm was hard to ignore but I didn’t really ‘need’ a job, I was happy being part of the ‘cloud’ market disruption in my existing role. The people I already knew at Pure were some of the best I had ever worked with, but as I met each new person during the interview process it was hard not to be impressed by the passion and expertise they displayed. I was starting to think to myself that this might be a very special team and pretty unique opportunity. However, as a person that cares deeply about product development, I needed to know the product was also great. I didn’t turn to development, marketing, or sales for validation. I needed to look the Support VP in the eyes and know that the product is quality. He convinced me this was “the finest” product he had been associated with and that when issues do arise, Engineering works tirelessly to resolve customer problems. I thought to myself, “disruptive product + great team + great quality = once in a lifetime opportunity.” So I took it!

What is your role at Pure Storage?

I am working with our CTO, John Colgrove. When we both worked at Veritas, I was CTO of the Data Management Group, he was the CTO of the Storage Management Group. We have similar experience in guiding fast growing engineering teams, helping to form industry partnerships, and performing customer outreach. He has asked me to focus on our product’s management tools, external application integrations, and specific customer opportunities.

What prior experience will you draw on most in this new role?

I’ve worked with teams creating market leading SMB and Enterprise products. I’ve also been part of a few SaaS development efforts. In every case I’ve tried to first empathize with what the customer wants to achieve and then try to marry that to the ‘cool’ technology we had developed. On-premise products tend to focus on the best ‘behind the firewall’ experience, integrating with local administrative workflows. SaaS products tend to focus on a more standardized ‘cloud’ experience with little knowledge of the actual customer environment. At Pure we have unique technologies that allow us to leverage both models in the future and I look forward to helping and being part of that vision.

What’s most important to customers?

IMO it’s agility and reliability. The customer needs never stand still. They evolve with every new business unit requirement or government regulation. They must have products that can adapt and empower change, not restrict it. To me, reliability goes hand-in-hand with agility because it’s really hard to be agile when you are fighting fires all the time.