Company culture is as valuable as its best selling product, if not more.

TechCrunch talked about building out an “A” team within a startup, “Culture, Capacity And Craftsmanship: How To Hire For A Startup,” and there are now writers solely dedicated to determining what ingredients to combine to create what top talent seeks.

Recently, I was facing the most difficult decision in my professional life – stay at a company I love or take a chance on something new. After learning from customers, partners and employees, it was obvious why Pure Storage’s gravitational pull is based on more than its innovative technology, so I couldn’t pass up the opportunity. Three weeks in to leading partner and industry solutions marketing, and I now see the magic firsthand:

  • Customers are the center of our universe. It’s no secret that flash storage is among IT’s hottest disruptors, opening previously impossible business opportunities. Our products make life dramatically better for the storage admin, to the apps admin, all the way up to the CIO. The commitment to product innovation, long-term value, and overall customer satisfaction drives decision making across the board. The dedication to simplicity, from product design, to implementation, to technical support, is driving an unmatched overall customer experience. So I shouldn’t have been surprised that our customer loyalty metrics are off the charts. Our customers are incredibly happy! And incredibly happy customers love to tell their story…a marketer’s dream. For years, Pure Storage has been making heroes out of storage admins – now, we’re making heroes out of IT leaders too. A special thing to be a part of!
  • Partner-First in how we bring our solutions to market. Of course being a partner person myself this was important to learn before deciding whether or not to join Pure Storage, but it’s hard to gauge when you are not in the belly of the beast. A litmus test I tend to use is: 1) what percent of business does the company sell solo or alongside a partner(s), 2) what resources are in place to make a partnership successful, and 3) what is the general DNA of employees around a partnering mindset? I learned quickly that the dedication to be a 100% partner focused business, to ongoing investments in the programs, (for example the recent P3 channel partner program updates), to even the extremely positive colleague response received in my first days onboard, confirmed that Pure Storage excels in all areas. It’s clear our success is driven by focusing on the customer including their technology integration priorities, (FlashStack as an good example), and effectively teaming with the right solution partners to deliver this to our customers.
  • Employees LOVE being here and share a common goal: “Paint it Orange!” Yes, within two minutes of exploring our website, it’s obvious we love orange. But what you really see is company pride and a collection of extremely talented, passionate, and hard working people who have an unwavering commitment to leading the transformation to flash and who sincerely love this company. They love making, selling and marketing our products. And most importantly, they love seeing the tremendous impact Pure Storage is making on our customers’ businesses, and on the individual people within those businesses.

They say it takes 21 days to form a habit. And in my first three weeks I have become quite accustomed to living and promoting the magic formula that makes Pure one of the best companies in the Bay Area. Because that is my Pure Storage reality. And in only three weeks, it amazes me that I was able to see how they got here in one simple word: culture. Their customer culture, partner culture, and employee culture. Three powerful value systems that come together and make something real and magical. So whether you are considering Pure Storage as a customer, for a new partnership, or for a new career opportunity, I encourage you to learn more and rest assured, you’ve come to the right place.