This Friday at 8AM PST, The Virtualization Field Day Bloggers will be visiting us here at the Pure Storage office!  Similar to the Tech Field Day 8 event last year, we will bring our architects and strategists to exchange experiences about the transition from rotating disk to solid state memory in enterprise storage.  You can participate by tuning in to the live, online video stream made possible by Gestalt IT.  If you can’t watch the stream, you can follow the action on twitter by following #VFD2.

Who are the bloggers? Check out the list here.  Some are new faces, some are familiar, and all will be welcomed with true Mountain View hospitality in the form of Psycho donuts, and Dana Street coffee.

Psycho DonutsPure Cappuccino

We will be tweeting and posting up a storm here at Pure Storage.  In fact, we will be accepting questions from our twitter audience too, so as you are watching the stream, if something comes up, just tweet out to us @purestorage and we’ll respond inline during the event.

What Comes After the Sugar and Caffeine?

Bloggers at Pure Storage

A nice meaty discussion about virtualization environments and flash memory.  We’ve explained some of the most significant changes in the user experience in some of the recent blog posts on VM alignment and VMDK types from Ravi Venkat.  On Friday, we will make our case for how we think flash changes many aspects of administering virtualization:

  • Provisioning Storage for Virtual Machines
  • Capacity Planning on Flash Memory
  • Operational Changes to VM Administration
  • Performance and Scalability

Tune in and learn more about how the Pure Storage “flash whisperers” are changing the face of enterprise storage!