Headed to Austin for the OpenStack Summit? Well, I won’t be there.

Unfortunately, I’ve been called away to an important meeting in Tokyo only a few km from where the last summit was held (oh, the irony!) But, I was lucky enough to have been asked to present an “Intro to OpenStack” session in Europe last week so I’ve been out spreading the gospel. OpenStack is top-of-mind for me this week, too, even though I’m not attending.

Here are some of the topics I’ll be thinking about while you’re all spending time together:

  • Fibre Channel Zone Manager. First introduced in Icehouse, initially only supporting Brocade fabrics, the FCZM has really matured. Supporting Cisco fabrics and VSAN since Juno, Mitaka will include virtual fabric support within the Brocade driver. Fibre Channel is nowhere near as popular as ISCSI with OpenStack, but these developments make it a lot more usable, and I think FC+OpenStack will increase in adoption. As a former Cisco guy who now works in storage, I’m looking forward to hearing more about these types of developments.
  • Glance Image Cache. “Cloning” a bunch of instances has, historically, been resource intensive. The OpenStack community has had to rely on proprietary vendor-specific solutions to accelerate instance creation – until Liberty. Since that release there’s been an image caching feature that can leverage the speed of underlying storage systems to “clone” instances from a cached image. I want to know where this is going and how much value we can extract from purpose-built storage in OpenStack environments
  • Cinder developments. There’s a lot going on, even in more “staid” areas of OpenStack around simplicity, efficiency, and manageability. I am very excited to see the direction that OpenStack is going and how Cinder can contribute. Cinder is a vital part of making OpenStack more consumable by large enterprise organizations, and evolution here helps the project as a whole. Patrick East, a Pure Storage guy who recently joined the Cinder Core team tells me there’s a lot of work to be done and I can’t wait to see it!
  • Support for array-native replication. Now in Mitaka. Works great with my array and I’d love to see what people think of it.

So if you’re at the Austin OpenStack Summit, swing by the Pure Storage stand and say hi to the Pure Storage team for me. They’d be happy to help you understand how we continue to support the foundation and talk about our approach.

And if you’re in Austin, have fun. I’m jealous and wish I were there.

Want to learn more about the Fibre Channel Zone Manager and Glance Image Cache? You can log into the Pure Storage community and read a couple of good papers by Simon Dodsley.