Documentation and examples are what I consider to be the most important element to any PowerShell library. Although I implemented a comprehensive Get-Help support in the toolkit it was always tightly coupled to the PSM1 release. I wanted the ability to add to the underlying help with more examples, notes on what cmdlets map to individual REST APIs and useful links. Over the last few days I removed the core help documentation in the toolkit and implemented with Update-Help. Version has this new feature.

In order to use Update-Help you need to be running a Windows PowerShell session with “Run as Administrator” since Update-Help writes content (en-US folder and a HelpInfo.xml file) to the WindowsSystem32WindowsPowerShellv1.0ModulesPureStoragePowerShell folder as shown below.

The GitHub repository is updated with the latest build and also contains the PureStoragePowerShellHelpInfo folder and the contents for the .cab and .psm1-Help.xml files.