We had the pleasure of hosting the delegates from the second Virtualization Field Day here at the Pure Storage global headquarters in Mountain View, CA today. So what was a flash storage company doing presenting to a bunch of virtualization bloggers? Simple: we were trying to make the point that flash storage enables virtualization to the fullest.

You see, so often storage does the opposite. Customers embark on their virtualization journey to consolidate servers, saving hardware and power/cooling cost…only to realize that their new virtualization environment needs more storage I/O, and they end-up handing a bunch of that savings back to their storage vendor to buy more powerful storage, storage that is filled with inefficient spinning disk. Pure Storage believes that all-flash storage has the power to dramatically improve the virtualization experience:

  • Virtualize 100% of applications: get those pesky I/O intensive “mission critical databases” that won’t give up their dedicated physical hardware into the virtualization environment, and benefitting from the value of virtualization
  • Run on a fully-shared infrastructure: stop worrying about workload contention and segregation to keep up storage performance…create a giant datastore, put all your VMs into it. Done.
  • Make your virtual platform perform better than physical: instead of fighting with your DBA about why going virtual won’t impact his DB performance, use flash to build a virtual architecture with more powerful servers and more powerful storage the application architects will be drooling to migrate to
  • Have storage contribute to the space & power savings of virtualization: with flash storage 10x smaller and 10x more energy efficient, going flash can help improve the efficiency ROI of virtualization
  • Simplify operations: With flash, all your management tasks (provisioning, cloning, snapshots, vMotion, etc.) can be dramatically faster. 5-10x faster. What if every operation you did all day completed 5-10x faster?

If we piqued your interest, we’d invite you to grab a cup of coffee and watch the video below from the live event. It’s two hours long, and it is chock full of honest-to-goodness technical content:

  • Whiteboard architecture chalk-talk: see exactly how the Pure Storage FlashArray works, from the inside
  • Demos, demos, demos: see Pure Storage virtualization architect Ravi Venkat (@ravivenk) boot 100 VDI images in under two minutes. See him provision a 100GB eager-zero-thick VM in seconds. See him beat an EMC VNX on Exchange Jetstress by 10x (with storage that costs the same price!)
  • Customer examples: we review 4 deployments of the FlashArray in VMware vSphere 4 and 5.1 customer environments, talking about their use cases and realized results
  • VMware integration: we discuss our progress in VMware integration via the VAAI program, and roadmap for other items such as vCenter integration, VASA, and SRM
  • Detailed use cases: how flash improves scale/consolidation, how flash improves application performance, how flash simplifies VM provisioning, how flash streamlines operations, and how flash saves the VDI ROI

So without further ado, here’s the good stuff:

Finally, I’d like to give a warm thanks to the entire Virtualization Field Day team: both the delegate bloggers and the organizing crew (Stephen Foskett, @SFoskett and Matt Simmons, @standaloneSA). The event was flawlessly run (as usual), and a ton of fun for us here at Pure. The questions and dialogue was great, and we’ve got a ton of content to cover in future blog posts to follow-up.

Here are the delegates who were present, check out their blogs and follow them on twitter!

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