Hopefully you’ve seen our launch this week, and read a bit about the revolutionary new Pure Storage FlashArray, the all-flash enterprise array that delivers flash performance at below the cost of disk.  Now’s your chance to see it live in the flash at VMworld!  The Pure Storage team is coming en force to VMworld, and we’re bringing tons of gear to push the FlashArray to the extreme to show you what it is capable of.  Stop by and see us either in the Pure Storage booth (#1413) or the Samsung booth to see the FlashArray in action.  Here’s what we’ll be showing:

  1. VMware Hyper-Consolidation: 1,000 VMs (mixture of Oracle, SQL, Exchange, and VDI workloads).  A vSphere 5.0 64TB datastore, running on a single 64TB LUN, but only occupying 3TBs of physical flash memory, over 20-to-1 data reduction.  Over 100,000 IOPS, and <1ms latency.  This is real consolidation, folks.  If you tried to run this environment on spinning disk, you’d end up with racks of spinning disk, racks of servers, a bunch of small datastores, and you’d be busy isolating workloads for performance to ensure that you didn’t hit spindle contention.  Running VMware on Pure Storage’s all-flash architecture is simple: create a big datastore, put all your VMs in it.  Done.
  2. Efficient VDI: 1,000 VDI images, 8 physical servers, 1 64TB datastore on a single LUN, occupying <4TB of raw flash.  16-to-1 data reduction.  VDI deployments often famously stall themselves on the economics of storage: the storage cost (spindles!) required to meet the high I/O requirements of VDI destroy the base virtualization ROI.  Pure Storage allows you to deploy VDI on an all-flash architecture, saving both the VDI economics, and dramatically improving operations.  Boot 1,000 VMs in 30 minutes.  Deploy a new VM in 2 minutes.  Handle a boot storm with ease.  Come see it all running in our booth.
  3. Virtualize Oracle with No Performance Penalty: As VMware deployments move from Tier 2-3 applications to Tier 1 applications the big wildcard is performance.  Can I really run multiple high-transaction databases on a single vSphere server without I/O contention killing performance?  With the Pure Storage FlashArray, you can.  We’ll be showing two physical Oracle instances driving a combined 64,000 Oracle transactions/minute with Swingbench, then we’ll show those same two workloads virtualized together on vSphere 5 with absolutely NO performance degradation.  By the way – this demo is sharing the same FlashArray as the VDI demo, all running seamlessly together without impacting each other’s performance.
  4. Management Simplicity: Beyond the performance, come by and test-drive how easy managing an all-flash array can be.  No RAID to manage.  No performance issues or spindle contention to troubleshoot.  Re-build from a drive loss in minutes.  Plug any drive into any slot.  Provision a LUN to a server in two clicks.  The list goes on and on…

Beyond the exciting demos, a large group of the Pure Storage executive and technical team will be on-hand at the booth, stop by to meet our CEO, Scott Dietzen, our VP of Products, Matt Kixmoeller, and our CTO, John Colgrove and Chief Architect, John Hayes, the inventors of the FlashArray.

Finally, what would a trade show and a company launch be without a few give-aways, and a little star-power?  Forget the t-shirts and the iPads, we decided to go big…you only launch a company once.  We’re honored to be joined by superbowl champions and football legends Ronnie Lott and Harris Barton, who are Pure Storage investors, and have been great motivators to the Pure Storage team.  Ronnie and Harris are inspirational guys, they understand dedication, hard work, how to motivate and work as a team, and how to build a winning culture.

Stop by the booth, and have a little fun with us as well:

  • Register to win two tickets to Super Bowl XLVI!!!!
  • Pick-up a signed Pure Storage football and make your office-mates jealous
  • Meet Ronnie and Harris in-person in the booth from 12-3 on Wednesday
  • Attend a cocktail party with Ronnie and Harris on Wednesday night from 5-7 as a warm-up to the VMworld party (space limited, come by the booth for an invitation and details)

The best way to get a feel for a company and a product is to meet the people behind it.  Come by and meet Pure Storage, the FlashArray, and the people first-hand!