Vaughn-Stewart-006Hi all, 

I’m pleased to welcome Vaughn Stewart, aka @vStewed, aka VirtualStorageGuy to the Pure Storage family.  During the past decade Vaughn has risen as one of the preeminant industry voices at the intersection of virtualization, storage, and cloud computing.  In addition to maintaining one of the top virtualization blogs,, Vaughn has authored a number of books including his latest “Virtualization Changes Everything: Storage Strategies for VMware vSphere & Cloud Computing.”

Vaughn’s been at the forefront of how storage has been impacted by the major IT trends of the past decade: first virtualization, and then cloud computing.  Now that storage itself is being fundamentally disrupted by flash, Vaughn decided to go “all in” on flash as he says in the video.  For more on why flash, and why Pure, check out Vaughn’s post at VirtualStorageGuy.