This post was originally authored by a member of the Pure Channel Marketing Team

Over the weekend I was reading my friend Auren Hoffman’s blog on “How to choose between multiple job offers” and I came to the conclusion that much like looking for the next big job opportunity, the process is exactly the same for how successful solution providers make decisions to sign on new IT vendors.

Auren’s blog states that long-term success requires massive growth and that to optimize for growth, your next opportunity should be comprised of three key criteria:

  1. Surround yourself by people smarter than yourself
  2. You have an opportunity to fail (and succeed)
  3. The company provides massive responsibility to you

Over the past two years this is exactly the criteria Pure Storage’s P3 (Pure Partner Program) partners have tested Pure against and is the reason we are giving P3 Partners a Promotion!

Partner Plaque

When I first came to Pure a year and half ago, many partners were in a “wait and see mode,” they were interested in flash but not convinced that Pure Storage was the leader in the market.

After we launched P3, hundreds of partners were invited to come to Pure’s HQ to meet our executives and participate in our new hire training, alongside our internal new hires.  They were asked to put our FlashArray demo units in their labs and test it out with a few customers.  They took our online sales and technical accreditations and they began running demand generation marketing activities with us, leveraging our MDF funds.  Essentially….they surrounded themselves with Pure Storage engineers (really smart folks), took the risk of introducing us to their customers (opportunity to fail) and took on the responsibility of migrating customers from legacy disk to flash (massive responsibility).

Pure’s P3 partners saw the opportunity, accepted the offer to partner with Pure Storage (over many others) and are now realizing massive growth in net new and expanding storage sales with the Pure Storage FlashArray.  For that, based on over-performance and accelerated commitment, Pure Storage partner program “P3” is promoting regional and national partners in North America to its new Platinum tier.

On February 28, 2014 we launched the 2014 edition of P3. The 2014 P3 program introduces our Platinum level, in addition to our Gold and Silver partner program levels, to support partners at different stages of maturity. Partners now earn greater benefits and rewards as they achieve sales and technical accreditations, participate in demand generation marketing programs and deliver pre and post sales value-add services (POCs and Installation Services). The P3 program recognizes partners who lead with Pure Storage and provides a roadmap towards achieving the highest margins in the industry, recurring revenue streams and higher margin services opportunities.

P3 LogoNew 2014 P3 Program Advantages:

  • Increased Deal Registration Discounts
  • PureProphet Technical Influencers Club
  • Funded by Performance Demo Lab Units
  • Enablement Funds (based on TAM)
  • PartnerLed Professional Services

The 2014 P3 Program benefits and requirements will continue to provide our partners with the highest margins in the industry, greater deal protection on registered opportunities, best in class training, and provide customers with the technical expertise they require.

Please join me in congratulating our 2014 P3 Partners who earned a promotion this year (and for choosing the right offer)!