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If you’re attending Pure’s Accelerate conference next week in San Francisco, and you’re interested in learning more about converged, hyper-converged, and integrated systems… well, you’re in luck. There are a ton of sessions, talks, and discussions planned on the topic. Here I’ll just list a few, focused on the FlashStack solution from Cisco and Pure Storage:

  • Screen Shot 2017-06-07 at 8.48.19 PMKeynote address by Liz Centoni of Cisco. Tuesday 9:30-11:00am Liz is the Senior VP and General Manager of the Computing Systems Product Group at Cisco — the group that designs and builds Cisco UCS, an integral part of every FlashStack and the most commonly used compute platform for converged infrastructure today. She’ll be providing some insights into the future of the data center and cloud.
  • Breakout session “IT Transformation: FlashStack enabling Next generation Data Center for Agility and Versatility”. Tuesday at 11:00, Room 1. You’ll hear experts from Cisco and Pure Storage talk about FlashStack and what sets it apart from other converged infrastructure solutions.
  • Breakout session “Application Consolidation with FlashStack Converged Infrastructure”. Tuesday at 2:00, Room 1. This session discusses necessary aspects of infrastructure for massive consolidation — and some new features from Pure that will help.
  • Breakout session “Converged Infrastructure: Private Cloud for the IT Generalist”. Tuesday at 11:00, Room 3 and Wednesday at 3:00, Room 3. Hear Vaughn Stewart and Howard Marks discuss CI and HCI and how they compare financially and technically. Very useful if you’re considering converged and what to know which is best for you.
  • Breakout session “Maximizing FlashStack Data Management with Oracle and VMware”. Wednesday at 12:00, Room 1. Experts from Commvault will share insights into data management on FlashStack and the recent Cisco Validated Design with Commvault, Cisco, and Pure Storage.
  • Breakout session “Large Scale VDI with FlashStack”. Wednesday at 4:00, Room 4. Learn how FlashStack scales to accommodate 5000 or more desktops in a single configuration — with industry leading simplicity and efficiency.

Visit us also in the Cloud pavilion, the Basecamp pavilion, and elsewhere for shorter sessions on FlashStack — including how to automate and orchestrate a private cloud on FlashStack with Cisco UCS-Director, Virtual Desktops on FlashStack, and a whole lot more.

In addition to physical and virtual FlashStack systems scattered around the event, Cisco will also have a large stand in our Partner area – stop by and ask them about FlashStack’s integration with Cisco CloudCenter!

And you can tweet at me during the event with an unusually high chance that I’ll respond quickly due to the excitement around the event — @joelmckelvey — I can help you find FlashStack experts if you need any questions answered! Experts will be standing by the whole time, use hashtag #ASKPURE if you need anything!

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