Organizations face the challenge of IT cost optimization: balancing burgeoning data demands with constrained budgets. Pure Storage offers an innovative, proven solution that ensures companies can meet their storage needs without compromise.


In today’s fast-paced business environment, organizations are grappling with the challenge of IT cost optimization; that is, balancing burgeoning data demands with today’s constrained budgets. While many IT leaders have focused on obvious areas to save, like system acquisition costs and maintenance charges, their more savvy peers have begun looking at hidden IT costs. Potential savings abound in areas like staffing: If systems are easier to install, run, and upgrade, then more expensive, specialized talent isn’t required. And IT staff can be shifted to more value-add projects, without the need for additional staff costs. Likewise, energy and space costs can be greatly reduced with more efficient systems that use less power and data center space, especially in data storage. Spiraling public cloud costs have many IT leaders reconsidering earlier “cloud-first” mandates in favor of a rationalized, hybrid cloud approach. And the ultimate hidden cost—system downtime—is something every seasoned IT professional tries to minimize.

Nowhere is the potential for IT savings greater than in secondary data storage, where aging, complex hard disk drive (HDD)-based systems struggle to meet contemporary requirements and weigh organizations down with hidden costs. As data volumes surge, traditional repository storage systems relying on outdated mechanical HDDs not only introduce unacceptable latency into operations but also heighten the risk of costly, unplanned downtime. Concerns over system reliability, guarding against system failure, and the cost of maintaining complex, outdated systems significantly raise the total cost of ownership (TCO) of legacy HDD systems, despite their seemingly lower acquisition costs.

Pure Storage offers an innovative, proven solution that meets the IT cost optimization challenge: a unified all-flash storage platform at acquisition prices comparable to those of traditional HDD—but with significantly lower TCO. Let’s explore how Pure Storage delivers all-flash performance without compromise, even for secondary storage use cases.

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Pure Storage’s All-flash Solutions

Recognized as A Leader for 10 consecutive years in the Gartner® Magic Quadrant™, Pure Storage has transformed the storage landscape with our cutting-edge technology and innovative design. One of our transformations has been simplifying storage operations with a common management interface across our entire portfolio, including our cost-optimized Pure//E™ Family, which is perfect for secondary storage needs. Pure Storage ensures seamless integration and simplified data management on premises and in the cloud for your primary and secondary storage needs.

Why Choose Pure Storage?

  • Cost optimization: Pure Storage delivers superior performance while remaining cost-effective, even compared to HDD-based systems. Pure Storage provides storage solutions that fit within your budget without compromising quality, ensuring you maximize the value of your investment.
  • Simplicity: Renowned for our ease of use, Pure Storage products boast common intuitive interfaces and streamlined operations across our entire portfolio. By reducing complexity and simplifying storage management, Pure Storage helps IT teams work more efficiently, saving time and resources.
  • Reduced energy expense:  Legacy storage systems tend to be inefficient and extremely power-hungry.   In fact, we’re seeing some HDD-based data centers actually running out of available Kilowatthours (kWh) needed to run their latest AI workloads!  Pure reduces data center energy costs and consumption at levels HDD-based systems cannot.  We lower your requirements for power, cooling, and data center space, so you consume up to 80% less power in 1/5th the physical footprint.
  • Financial flexibility: Engineered to scale with your business and delivered via as-a-service subscriptions, Pure Storage solutions adapt to evolving storage needs, ensuring seamless, cost-optimized, and on-demand capacity that keeps up with your business requirements while optimizing your IT spend. By doing so, Pure Storage supports your own innovation and future growth.
  • Forever storage: Imagine storage that never goes obsolete and doesn’t need to be repurchased. The Pure Storage® Evergreen® model ensures that your storage infrastructure remains modern and up to date for 10+ years, without the need for forklift upgrades. With Evergreen, you can seamlessly upgrade your storage systems with the latest technology and innovations, keeping your infrastructure at peak performance while avoiding costly rebuys and disruptions.

Elevate Your Storage Experience with Pure Storage

Pure Storage empowers businesses to achieve high-performance storage affordably. With unmatched performance, cost efficiency, scalability, and simplicity, Pure Storage ensures organizations can meet their storage needs without compromise. It’s time to unlock the benefits of all-flash storage at spinning disk prices. Let Pure Storage elevate your storage experience to new heights.   

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