Knowledge is power. And in the war on the multibillion-dollar ransomware industry, knowing what the bad guys have up their sleeves is priceless. What if you could get intel on ransomware attacks straight from a former hacker? Now you can.

Pure Storage® CTO-Americas, Andy Stone, joins former hacker turned internationally-renowned cybersecurity expert, Hector Xavier Monsegur, to bring you “A Hacker’s Guide to Ransomware Mitigation and Recovery.” The e-book is more than just an exposé of the modern ransomware landscape—it’s a comprehensive guide that will walk you through how to create the best defensive plan possible.

Some things you’ll learn:

  • Why ransomware is on the rise. From state-sponsored hacker groups to off-the-shelf tools, learn why hacking isn’t what it used to be. With high-dollar insurance policies and the anonymity of cryptocurrencies, it’s more lucrative than ever.
  • How hackers identify ideal targets. Know what hackers are looking for so you can be on guard. Also, learn ways to increase the cost of an attack on you so hackers are more likely to move on to a quicker, less difficult target.
  • Defensive tips to help protect your organization. Identify and close gaps you might be missing, train people to reduce human error, and learn ways to practice better security hygiene.
  • What happens before, during, and after an attack. Take the mystery out of a ransomware attack so you know exactly how to respond. With firsthand experience, the authors explain the full life cycle of a ransomware attack so you can design a top-to-bottom response policy that guides you through each phase.

With the rise in high-dollar, high-tech ransomware attacks, this e-book is a resource you can’t afford not to have. To learn exactly what you should be doing to prevent and recover from an attack and how Pure Storage solutions can help, download the e-book today.

It’s time to outsmart ransomware attackers at their own game!