FlashStack RackOne of the ways Cisco® and Pure Storage® differentiate themselves from competitors and imitators is by providing our customers with a way to capture future advances in technology without having to “rip-and-replace” their data center architectures.

Nowhere is this more obvious than in our joint solution, FlashStack™.  IT departments with FlashStack architectures continue to upgrade and expand their systems, granularly, in any dimension, without disruption – and have done so for years. If your IT department is key to your organization’s success, this type of simple flexibility is vital. Only Cisco with Pure Storage can provide it.

New Cisco UCS M5 Servers

Cisco announced the next generation of UCS servers, the UCS M5 series. While this shouldn’t surprise anyone (UCS previously had M3 and M4 versions), it further illustrates the central design tenet of UCS: Continual innovation and upgradability without forklift upgrades. Yes, you can still use your existing UCS chassis.  Yes, you can still use your existing UCS Manager or UCS Director tools. Yes, it still works just fine in virtualized environments.  It’s plug-and-play, just like previous versions of UCS.  Oh, and it’s available in both rack mount and blade versions of UCS (B-series and C-series).

These M5 systems leverage Intel Xeon Scalable processors, the highest GPU density in the industry, and double the memory capacity of some of the earlier models. That’s a lot of “oomph” and will help drive density in the data center – highly complementary to the density of the recently launched DirectFlash™ NVMe-based Pure Storage FlashArray//X which offers >1 PB of storage in 3 RU.

We’re going to be able to put a whole lot of compute and storage in a single FlashStack now, folks!

The GPU density is pretty exciting, too. This is more than just the future for high-quality VDI or graphics-enhanced workstations. Machine learning, simulation, and deep analytics increasingly rely on GPUs to handle some of the distributed processing they require.  Combined with the Pure Storage FlashBlade, these new M5 systems can provide a pretty powerful platform for next-generation applications and use cases.

Stay tuned for more details on how the UCS M5 servers complement FlashStack (including FlashBlade) and Pure Storage.  You’ll see a lot of joint testing and validation in the near future as we incorporate the latest server advances into joint solutions.

And as compute, network, and storage continues to evolve, you can be sure we’re working to make it easy for you to capture the value of future technologies without disruption or downtime!