Companies large and small, in nearly every vertical market, all face common challenges.  They have business-critical data that needs to be stored, protected and managed. They need it to be available to their employees, partners and often their customers.  

While this goal seems simple, such companies face many challenges both internally and externally.  First, many of them are facing limited human and financial resources, so they need the solutions to be simple and easy to manage. Next, they often struggle with legacy IT systems that need to be continually upgraded and updated.  Additionally, they rarely have a crystal ball that gives them the ability to forecast their needs, so the purchasing and procurement process can be time consuming and inefficient and often addresses the peak or ‘worst case’ scenario rather than the expected day-to-day usage.

These challenges can cause companies to spend significant resources on managing infrastructure such as storage, rather than managing their businesses. The process can be both frustrating and debilitating for the company.

Fortunately, Pure Storage offers several product offerings to resolve these challenges.

With Evergreen Storage, Pure has eliminated the headaches presented by traditional storage forklift-upgrades and data migrations.  Evergreen Storage provides non-disruptive upgrades across generations of products. Many customers have upgraded through 3, 4 or even 5 generations without a single period of planned downtime OR impact to performance!

Pure’s new Right-Size Guarantee eliminates the need to guess at storage efficiency and how much raw storage to buy.  Pure takes on that risk, so you will always be guaranteed to have the storage you asked for.

Finally, with Evergreen Storage Service (ES2), you can now consume storage resources on demand.  Regardless of your storage requirements, you can rest assured that you won’t run out of capacity.  You can scale as-needed without having to forecast your storage needs or purchase new storage assets. Better yet, your storage is “elastic” so you can reduce your storage usage and pay for what you use. Your usage and your billing will align with each other.  

Evergreen Storage Service (ES2)

Additionally, with Evergreen Storage Service (ES2) your storage resources won’t age! Since it is a “service”, the underlying architecture is owned and managed by Pure Storage and is continually upgraded to ensure you are running on state-of-the-art technologies.  Your days of worrying about aging storage assets are over!

Would you like to learn more?  A panel discussion was held at the recent Pure Accelerate 2018 in San Francisco entitled, “Consuming Your Data Cloud Like SaaS: Evergreen And Beyond”. Frank Berry, from the industry analyst firm IT Brand Pulse gave an overview of the trends in the industry that are driving users toward ageless, evergreen storage solutions.  Kevin Rickson and Kevin Liebl from Pure Storage provided an overview of our storage solutions. Kent Christensen from the Pure Partner Insight explained how these solutions are impacting their customers and then Pure’s customer Steven Keogh from DXC Technology explained how Pure’s Evergreen Storage and Evergreen Storage Services (ES2) have revolutionized his customer environment.  


Watch the panel discussion to learn all of the details!