Pure Storage® and Kasten recently held a joint webinar to highlight how to bring backup and mobility to cloud-native workloads. You can watch the recording and download the presentation. Read on for a quick recap and sneak peek into how we continue to raise the bar for Kubernetes backup and mobility.

Kasten is a valuable Pure partner. Together we embraced Kasten K10 integrations with Pure Service Orchestrator™ with great energy and enthusiasm, resulting in many benefits in a short amount of time. These benefits include an extremely easy backup/restore for your entire application stack to simplify “resetting” your application to a good known state, as well as fast cloning to a different namespace within your cluster for debugging.

Building on this success, the webinar highlights how to use the Kasten K10 data management platform with Pure Service Orchestrator to enable data protection for Kubernetes workloads across varying consistency levels and granularities. The business continuity of an application is what’s important, not the individual parts of it.

The Pure–Kasten solution showed the autodiscovery of these Kubernetes applications with a complete view of the dependency tree. The solution flexibility in selecting the backup frequencies, retention periods, and even the level of consistency was shown, and policies including forward-looking ones provided automation capabilities. Also, a backup is only as good as the operational ease of restoring that application when required. Together, we also showcased the ability of the solution to not only select the point-in-time copy but also the choice of the destination and granularity when doing a super-fast restore.

As an added bonus (and my favorite part), we also demonstrated how to migrate K8s workloads on Amazon EKS to use storage provided by Pure Cloud Block Store™. As this TCO calculator shows, the data services built into Pure Cloud Block Store can provide better economics compared to using native block volumes.

Using Kasten K10, we’re able to move the complete application without any development or code changes. Under the covers, this leveraged Kasten’s dynamic transformation capabilities that can change infrastructure dependencies (e.g., storageClassName) on the fly. You can realize all the benefits of Pure Cloud Block Store, including built-in reliability and thin provisioning while staying with your AWS-managed Kubernetes distribution.

Migrating applications from EBS to Pure Cloud Block Store using Kasten K10 and Pure Service Orchestrator.

This is just one step in our partnership with Kasten. We’re planning to do much more to create the Modern Data Experience™ with a data management platform and ubiquitous on-premises and cloud data services built for your Kubernetes applications.

Be part of the excitement and learn more about how you can make your storage more flexible with Kasten and Pure Storage.

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