With the Pure Storage data platform, enterprises can not only stop worrying about the next big infrastructural overhaul and how much time and money it’s going to cost but also stop thinking about it altogether.


One of the biggest enterprise IT headaches? Balancing constant innovation with the need to constantly update infrastructures to support it. It can feel like a broken record and an endless cost center, but it doesn’t have to. 

Enterprises can not only stop worrying about the next big infrastructural overhaul and how much time and money it’s going to cost but also stop thinking about it altogether

Here are 10 ways the Pure Storage data platform can uncomplicate your data storage, forever.

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1. Unparalleled Simplicity

Complexity should always be behind the scenes—something only the solution provider should worry about, not your developers, not your engineers, and certainly not you

But simplicity can be a double-edged sword, especially in tech. “Simple” can’t come at the cost of “effective.” That’s why when we talk about “simple” at Pure, we just mean “easier.” Easier installation. Easier management. Easier upgrading. Simplicity powered by a unified, AI-driven management system and proactive support that lets your IT pros devote their attention to innovation and growth.

2. True Agility

Agility tends to conjure images of professional athletes, not data storage. But many enterprises are learning agility in data storage is non-negotiable, and not just for high-performance workloads. A data storage platform from Pure Storage gives developers the tools they need to maximize productivity—things like simple interfaces, APIs, automation, cloud mobility, back-end provisioning, and on-demand consumption. This removes the roadblocks of legacy storage and helps data be as agile as the DevOps teams who need it. 

3. Savings up to 65%

“Savings” is another word not typically associated with data storageor any IT investment, for that matter. But Pure Storage has demonstrated that it’s possible to achieve significant total cost of ownership (TCO) savings, up to 65% over six years, by eliminating the need for storage re-buys and migrations and reducing management, energy, and space costs. 

Now that’s what we call a bargain. 

4. Cost Transparency

These days, some restaurants charge a “kitchen fee,” which is kind of like a ski resort charging a “snow fee.” IT vendors have found similar ways to layer in hidden costs once you’ve signed the dotted line. Tap any one of your lead developers on the shoulder and ask about hidden costs, and they’ll likely agree that they see a lot of those.

With the Pure Storage® Evergreen® subscription model, businesses can expect no surprise costs. Subscription rates are kept flat over a decade, ensuring a transparent and predictable investment. This includes all array software, non-disruptive hardware upgrades, and premium service levels.

5. Sustainability

Sustainability is a buzzword among enterprises these days, for good reason: Energy costs are skyrocketing, and getting ahead of it (and sprawling data growth) means rethinking data centers and the spinning disk they’ve historically housed. Mitigating the environmental impact of data infrastructures requires a sustainable model with data storage that’s engineered to need less space, power, and cooling. 

It’s about cost, but not cost alone: In today’s environmentally conscious world, ultra-efficient DirectFlash® technology from Pure Storage significantly reduces energy usage (up to 85%) and space requirements (up to 90%) compared to traditional SSD-based systems, helping organizations meet their sustainability goals.

6. Preparedness for the Unexpected

In the IT world, the unexpected isn’t just inconvenient, it can be disastrous and mean things like service outages, reputational damage, data breaches, and lawsuits. Pure Storage ensures that data, the lifeblood of the digital business, is always available and resilient. Features like advanced replication, ransomware remediation, and rapid data recovery are built into all Pure Storage products, providing peace of mind in the face of unforeseen challenges.

7. Proven Dependability

It’s easy to take quality and dependability for granted, but there’s something to be said for being so dependable customers forget you’re even there. (Consumers rarely buy cars expecting constant troubleshooting and time in the shop. We believe storage should be the same.)  

Pure Storage prides itself on being dependable. We have a track record of delivering over 10,000 controller upgrades across eight hardware generations. An impressive 97% of Pure Storage arrays sold are still in use, supported by a system that delivers 99.9999% uptime.

8. More Capabilities

We love capabilities because capabilities mean abilities—abilities to adapt, grow, and stay competitive. Pro tip: If your IT vendors aren’t consistently innovating, how can you? 

Designed for innovators, Pure Storage products come ready for containerized applications with Portworx® persistent storage, offering storage-as-code design and enterprise-level data services to meet all workload needs. We’re always adding new features and capabilities to make sure your storage solutions grow with you.

9. The Smile Factor

“Service with a smile” might not be something you’d associate with an IT vendor, but it should be. You should feel like they’re always there for you, not just up until the sale but also for install, upgrades, and strategic moves to help you hit your digital transformation goals. 

Pure Storage delivers simple setup, effortless operations, and expansive integrations. But it’s the white-glove treatment of customers and partners that really sets Pure Storage apart from the competition. It’s reflected in the industry-leading Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 81.4, significantly higher than the competition.

Pure Professional Services has evolved how these services are delivered with quick starts, centers of excellence, workshops, and premium support to enable customers to get to value quickly. Utilizing professional services frees up customer team members to innovate and deliver on their business goals.

10. A Cloud-like Experience Everywhere

Sometimes, operating “like the cloud” is more important than operating “in the cloud,” but data storage hasn’t always been a conduit for either. Pure Storage offers a true cloud operating model and the convenience that comes with it: pools of storage on demand at the press of a button. This enables a unified experience across on-premises, hosted, and public cloud environments, all managed with the simplicity and ease of cloud services. 

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