What do culture and a cloud-first strategy have to do with times of crisis and change? Recently, I had an opportunity to sit down with David Sohigian, global chief technology officer (CTO) at Workday. We reflected on one of the biggest lessons of the pandemic: change management.

A long-time Pure customer (and vice versa), Workday has managed to navigate the pandemic with exceptional agility, and the reason why may surprise you. It’s not about the technology, the products, or the newest features and capabilities. It’s about the people behind them.

“Culture is one of the fundamentals of agility,” said Sohigian. “If you trust and support your people, you will breed an agile mindset that makes it easier to adapt to change and ultimately, drive innovation.”

Why Cloud-first? For the People, For Agility, and For Change

This mentality has guided Workday’s cloud-first strategy, helping to ensure that customers get the most out of their technology as they balance immediate needs with long-term, strategic initiatives. The latter must now include planning for the unpredictable, which is dependent on having reliable, scalable access to technology that can only come from a non-disruptive cloud operating model.

“Pure’s Evergreen model has been fantastic in terms of supporting our operations because we see the world in the same way,” said Sohigian.

Watch this fireside chat to discover other areas where Pure and Workday are in lockstep, and how you can be cloud-first to build more resilience into your organization.