How Pure Storage Brings the Future of Data Storage

Our promise to bring the future of data storage means our storage solutions are built differently. Learn how we’re delivering on this promise.

The future of data storage

All storage is not created equal. Pure Storage is the only enterprise solution that meets your ever-changing data storage needs. Simply put, we are bringing the future of data storage. 

Discover how we’re delivering on this promise with these in-depth resources and guides.

SSD-free Flash: Unleash Your Storage

Is your flash storage operating with one arm tied behind its back? Discover the “Better Science” of Pure Storage® DirectFlash® management and overcome the limitations and inefficiencies of traditional SSDs. Unlike conventional methods, this system-level approach to flash memory management talks directly to your flash storage, eliminating duplicate efforts and processes. This dramatically enhances efficiency, reduces costs, and improves performance.

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Never-obsolete Storage: You’ll Retire before It Does

In a landscape where complex, expensive upgrades have long plagued storage solutions, Pure Storage Evergreen® offers a clear alternative. Evergreen is an innovative and always-modern approach to data storage that ensures infrastructure never becomes outdated. A software-centric, non-disruptive architecture and true storage subscription portfolio offers immediate access to new features and functionality. Evergreen eliminates forklift upgrades and delivers a decade-plus storage lifespan. 

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Storage as a Service: Simplicity That Empowers You

Pure Storage recognizes the complexities associated with traditional storage systems and has pioneered a streamlined storage experience. We’ve built everything to be as intuitive as possible and to be delivered as a service. One AI-powered interface across your data estate means less time managing storage and more time innovating for your organization. And Pure Storage Evergreen//One™ is a flexible subscription that eliminates complexity, minimizes risk, and reduces cost while providing guaranteed SLAs and cloud-like economics. 

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Disk Is Dead: The All-flash Data Center Is Imminent

Pure Storage not only delivers high-density all-flash storage with reduced space and energy consumption—up to 85% less energy consumption and 10 times less space than competitors—but also makes the all-flash data center a reality. Overcome the complexity, reliability, and sustainability challenges posed by traditional HDDs at a competitive cost and 50% lower TCO. This means you can achieve energy and sustainability goals while you modernize your IT infrastructure.

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