At Pure Storage, the office of the CTO has always been an important function, bridging the product engineering and sales teams, working closely with customers on their current and future architectures and building technology thought leadership for Pure.

Our CTOs typically have CIO or IT Director level experience in leading technology companies, possess deep and broad understanding of a range of current and emerging technologies, and have a track record of guiding enterprise customers through successful technology deployments.

Individuals with these skills and experience are few and far between so I am delighted to introduce the global CTO team:

Matthew Oostveen for Asia Pacific and Japan

Patrick Smith in Europe, Middle East and Africa

Andy Stone in the Americas

Each of these Pure Storage CTOs has sterling credentials and deep insights across a wide range of verticals, enabling them to work closely with customers to build relevant and future-ready environments.

Pure is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year and it has been an exhilarating ride since we first disrupted the enterprise storage world with our innovative use of software and materials science. A customer first attitude and a unique culture focused on solving real-world challenges and delivering digital transformation has positioned Pure as a technology leader.

The CTO function serves as a catalyst to empower customers to reach new heights of capability and efficiency in their organizations as well as guide them in their journey to future technologies. I am proud of the fact that Pure has been able to maintain a customer Net Promoter Score (NPS) in the top 1% of B2Bs and the work done by the CTO office is critical to maintaining one of the most supportive and loyal customer bases across all industries that use technology.