Pure was founded a decade ago with a simple mission: make powerful IT infrastructure that works like the best consumer technologies. That vision enabled our incredible growth story, because this new way of doing things gave customers things that they had not expected. For some, it was as simple as getting their nights and weekends back because they didn’t have to worry about the reliability of their systems. To others, it was fundamental enablement of their DevOps transformation. We are continually looking to improve our customers’ experience. We know customers see our investments in innovation as an investment in their futures. Our customers want services that grow and change on pace with their needs. They want all of their infrastructure to be delivered on-demand, as a service by API. And experience is a critical factor: Ease of use, interoperability, and a risk-free, smooth upgrade path drive our long-term strategic relevance. This is why we started talking about the need for a Modern Data Experience™.

Why are we investing in a Modern Data Experience? We see our customers facing multiple challenges, including executing ambitious plans for digital transformation. Technology leaders are rejecting excessive system complexity and technical debt that hinder infrastructure modernization efforts. The approach to Ops is changing: DevOps and AIOps are enabling companies to focus on managing their business rather than managing infrastructure. And they’re hiring more developers. CIOs have a mandate to develop cloud initiatives that drive corporate value while addressing application performance bottlenecks. And every business wants to extract more intelligence from their data.

The idea of a Modern Data Experience is core to who we are as a company – when our customers succeed, we succeed. And that’s why our vision for our next decade is to remake data storage and management in a way that serves an increasingly dynamic market.

A Modern Data Experience starts with a storage-as-a-service approach to enable organizations to leverage more of their data while reducing the complexity and expense of managing infrastructure. Pure’s solution is simple to manage, effortless to customize and integrate, and creates seamless service levels and protocols—all operating in a multi-cloud environment. Most important, it delivers a sustainable infrastructure with our constantly improving Evergreen™ philosophy and programs, consumption-based business models, and unified AI-driven management. 

Our announcements at Accelerate reinforce this vision. From Pure products available through Pure as-a-Service, to major additions to our Cloud Data Services portfolio, to our expansion of the Pure Storage FlashArray product line, our innovations are all designed to create a modern data experience. 

We have become the fastest-growing storage company for two reasons: our continued innovation and our focus on our customers. Our vision for delivering a Modern Data Experience means that once again, Pure Storage will revolutionize the data storage market. 

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