This week at PASS Data Community Summit 2022, the largest in-person data conference in the world, Microsoft announced the general availability (GA) of Microsoft SQL Server 2022. From the edge to the cloud, this release of SQL Server has features for everyone. 

Helpful new features are not uncommon in releases. What is impressive with this release, however, is what we like to call the “analytics by day and backups by night” feature. It’s a well-rounded feature for dual purpose that allows administrators to get full, yet simple utility out of their unified fast file and object (UFFO) storage

In this version, improvements enable direct connections using Simple Storage Service (S3) from SQL Server 2022. For more on the history of S3 and how this feature came about, check out my previous blog post. The S3 connectivity will improve backups to object storage devices with 55TB/hour backups and recovery speed times at 62TB/hour for multiple databases. 

A fast file and object device that is remarkably fast is great for backups and restores, but not all organizations have the budget to justify a machine for a single use. Using S3 and the polybase functionality in SQL Server 2022 with the dual nature of a fast file and object device like Pure Storage® FlashBlade® makes analytics even easier. 

With this combination, it’s even easier to bring the data to the source to either do an ELT or use the power of the FlashBlade platform to manipulate the data on the device and transform the data before reading it as your need requires. Alternatively, direct access to data from the query level of a SQL Server to a UFFO device will increase analytics processing, integrate AI processing, and quicken your data cleansing—activities that ultimately make analytics, big data, and AI solutions easier to develop, test, and implement, enabling you to get your solutions to market faster.

With a combination of FlashArray™ and FlashBlade running SQL Server 2022 on the S3 protocol, you can:

  • Save time on protecting your data
  • Decrease time to insights for analytics
  • Save money on multi-use appliances

Microsoft SQL Server Edge to Cloud: The Best of SQL Server 2022

SQL Server 2022 is the most dynamic version Microsoft has ever released, developing and elevating features that take us to a true hybrid architecture. The excitement does not stop there: Continued performance and security innovations have been added to this dynamic new release, giving you analytics by day and backups by night. 

To see SQL Server 2022 in action, check out our webinar with Bob Ward, Principal Architect Azure Data at Microsoft. He takes us through some of his favorite features of this release. MVP Anthony Nocentino, Principal Field Solution Architect at Pure, joins him to demo some of these features. Get the advice you’ve been waiting for from experts who know this product inside and out and are always talking to customers in the field. Learn how to:

  • Expand your edge to cloud architecture
  • Reduce backup times
  • Speed availability group seeding 

Watch the on-demand webinar now and discover the best of SQL Server 2022.